February 2011

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Older Hispanics Are Immunized at Lower Rates Than Their Non-Hispanic White Counterparts

Hispanic seniors, especially if Spanish-preferring and in linguistically isolated areas, are immunized at lower rates than non-Hispanic whites. Physicians and policymakers may be able to help by addressing cultural and linguistic barriers to immunization.

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Prolonged Stays in the Emergency Department Are Common for Pediatric Patients Admitted to the Hospital from the ED

Children admitted to the hospital seem more likely to have a prolonged stay in the emergency department if they are Hispanic, come to the ED in the winter, and arrive early in the morning.

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Which Public Interventions Are Most Cost-Effective in Promoting Physical Activity?

This study compared the cost-effectiveness of different public interventions for promoting exercise and found that community-based campaigns and school-based interventions have the greatest potential to be scaled up at the lowest costs.

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Treating Depression Is Essential to Maximizing the Benefits of HIV Treatment

Depression affects self-efficacy, work status, and condom use among HIV+ men in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Is the Choice of Physician and Hospital an Essential Health Benefit?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires that the federal government define an essential benefit package for individuals who will obtain insurance through the new health insurance exchanges. Should ability to choose one’s own physician and hospital be considered essential?

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Developing Performance Indicators for Evaluating the Quality of Mental Health Care

This paper presents the methodology used to develop a comprehensive set of performance indicators in a national evaluation of the mental healthcare delivered by the Veterans Health Administration.

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Making Housing More Affordable for Both Renters and Homeowners Could Improve Health

People living in unaffordable housing are more likely to rate their health as poor.

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Research Highlights &
Fact Sheets

Will Adoption of Electronic Health Records Improve Quality in U.S. Hospitals?

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Seasonal Flu Vaccination: Why Don't More Americans Get It?

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The War Within: Suicide Prevention in the U.S. Military

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Developing Custodians of Care: Military Medical Leadership

Read moreResearch Brief 9542

California's Workers' Compensation Reform: Effects on Return to Work

Read moreResearch Brief 9534

Building Community Resilience to Disasters: A Roadmap to Guide Local Planning

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Recent Documents

Payment Reform: Analysis of Models and Performance Measurement Implications

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Developing Military Health Care Leaders: Insights from the Military, Civilian, and Government Sectors

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Roadmap for Communities to Build Resilience Can Aid Disaster Recovery

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Congressional Newsletter

The February Health Congressional newsletter explores three topics related to flu season: boosting low flu vaccination rates in the US, the low vaccination rates among US Hispanic adults, and a commentary related to flu pandemics. The featured researcher is Katherine Harris.

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News Releases

U.S. Military Should Improve Behavioral Health Programs in Response to Rising Number of Suicides Among Armed Forces

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Ways for Communities to Build Resilience to Aid Disaster Recovery

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Investment in New Health Care Quality Measures Needed as Cost-Cutting Strategies Grow

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