March 2011

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Requiring Vaccination Appears to Be the Best Strategy for Increasing Influenza Vaccination Among Healthcare Personnel

Making influenza vaccination available to healthcare personnel at work could increase uptake and highlight the need to reach beyond hospitals in promoting vaccination among these workers.

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Depression Is Less Prevalent Among Medicare Beneficiaries Who Have a Regular Source of Care

Having a usual source of care was associated with lower depression prevalence and higher realized access among community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries.

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Do Food Prices Affect Youth’s Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables?

Geographic variation in food prices across the US affects youth’s consumption of fruit, vegetables and milk; price variation does not seem to affect consumption of fast food or soft drinks, perhaps because consumption is less price sensitive.

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Use of Patient Navigators Can Improve Quality of Care for Breast Cancer

The use of patient navigators—individuals who perform outreach, coordination, and education across language and cultural barriers—improved breast cancer quality of care in a public hospital and may help reduce disparities in quality of cancer care.

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Medicare Beneficiaries in Managed Care Have Different Experiences from Those in Traditional Fee-For-Service Plans

Quality improvement in Medicare managed care plans should target care for particular subgroups such as beneficiaries who have low incomes, are less healthy, older, female, and who did not complete high school.

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Violence in Abortion Clinics Reduces Abortion Services

Clinic violence reduces abortion services in targeted areas; however, once travel is taken into account, the overall effect of the violence is much smaller.

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How Economic Analysis Can Advance the Study of Addiction

Economics offers tools and topical expertise that complement other disciplines associated with the addiction sciences. Its value goes far beyond the ability to monetize nonmonetary outcomes or to calculate a cost-benefit ratio.

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Recent Documents

Healthcare Technology Co-Operatives: Filling a Niche in the English R&D Landscape

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The Nongovernmental Sector in Disaster Resilience: Conference Recommendations for a Policy Agenda

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Assessing the Impacts of Revising the Tobacco Products Directive: Study to support a DG SANCO Impact Assessment

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Project Retrosight: Understanding the Returns from Cardiovascular and Stroke Research: the Policy Report

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Informing the Development of a Resource Allocation Framework in the German Healthcare System

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Research Highlights & Fact Sheets

Project Retrosight: Understanding the Returns from Cardiovascular and Stroke Research

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A Worksite Parenting Program That Works

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News Releases

Childhood Psychological Problems Have Long-Term Impact on Individuals' Earnings and Social Relationships

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Largest Study of High-Deductible Health Plans Finds Substantial Cost Savings, but Less Preventive Care

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New Report Helps Inform Decisions about How Science Should Be Funded

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