May 2011

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Recent Research

What Do Prisons Do to Measure Quality of Health Care?

An environmental scan of quality measures in use by state correctional systems and the Federal Bureau of Prisons found substantial variation in the number and type of measures being used and the underlying data systems used to construct measures.

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Depressed Patients Are Less Likely to Adhere to Medication for Chronic Illness

This analysis provides evidence that depression is associated with poor adherence to medication across a range of chronic diseases.

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For-Profit Ownership and Safety Net Status Linked to Emergency Department Closures

This study found that the number of emergency departments operating in the US from 1990 to 2009 declined by 27%. EDs with safety-net status, for-profit ownership, and low profit margin were at higher risk of closure.

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The Move Toward Comparative Effectiveness Research Is Good for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The move toward comparative effectiveness research may be a positive one for complementary and alternative medicine, but a more critical evaluation of their relationship might be in order.

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Racial/Ethnic Groups Respond Differently to Alcohol Excise Taxes

This study examines how the effect of alcohol excise taxes on the demand for alcohol varies across different racial and ethnic groups.

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Children Who Have Experienced Multiple Family-Related Stressful Events Have Poorer Health-Related Quality of Life

Stressful events such as death of a family member, moving, or parental divorce significantly lower children’s health related quality of life.

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Following a Routine for Taking Antiretroviral Therapy Improves Adherence

This study explores home-based medication triggers for taking antiretrovial therapy, including meals, pillboxes, time of day, and visual cues.

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Recent Documents

Source Materials for the Healthy Communities Toolkit: A Resource Guide for Community and Faith-Based Organizations

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Employer Self-Insurance Decisions and the Implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as Modified by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (ACA)

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Health Innovation Transfer from South to North

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Research Highlights & Fact Sheets

Helping Children Cope with Violence and Trauma: A School-Based Program That Works

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