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Recent Research

Managing trade-offs between clinical decision support and malpractice risk

Clinical decision support (CDS) refers to electronic technology used to enhance clinical decision making. The basic challenge for policymakers interested in promoting adoption of CDS is to ensure that liability concerns do not derail the clinical value of new CDS technology.

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Being depressed influences patients' experience with care

Depressed patients report poorer health care experiences and have less confidence that they can recognize their need for care.

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Breast implants may be associated with anaplastic large cell lymphoma

A systematic review of the literature found that a form of anaplastic large cell lymphoma may be associated with breast implants. Future research on the epidemiology and biology of this rare disease is clearly needed to better understand its nature.

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Menopause reduces quality of life even when symptoms are not present

Menopause has a negative impact on some domains of health-related quality of life (HRQoL), regardless of menopausal symptoms. Clinicians should work to improve HRQoL, rather than expect it to improve spontaneously when menopausal symptoms resolve.

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Uninsured women need public financing to receive human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines

HPV vaccine coverage among young adult women is low overall, and lower among the uninsured. Public financing and care provision programs are needed to expand vaccine coverage among uninsured women.

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Strategies that focus on friendship networks could help motivate young people to be physically active

Adolescents tend to choose friends who do similar amounts of physical activity and emulate their behavior; such networks could help promote physical activity among adolescents.

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Comparative effectiveness reviews need to be updated regularly

Comparative effectiveness reviews need to be regularly updated as new evidence is produced. Lack of attention to updating may lead to outdated and sometimes misleading conclusions that compromise health care and policy decisions.

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Patient education, coupled with acupuncture, can reduce cancer-related fatigue

Patient education integrated with acupuncture had a sufficiently promising effect on cancel-related fatigue that a larger randomized controlled trial is warranted.

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Recent Documents

The Effect of Education on Health: Cross-Country Evidence

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National Evaluation of Safe Start Promising Approaches: Assessing Program Outcomes

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A Fidelity Coding Guide for a Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

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Improving Customer Service and Access in a Surgical Practice: A Case Study of a Successful Quality Improvement Intervention

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Do Disability Benefits Discourage Work?

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Research Highlights & Fact Sheets

The Public Health System a Decade After 9/11: Key Successes and Continuing Challenges

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Preventing Obesity and Its Consequences: Highlights of RAND Health Research

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Congressional Newsletter

The August Health Congressional newsletter includes research on examining the consequences and prevention strategies for obesity, improving the accuracy of electronic prescribing, and findings on how older women in higher-poverty neighborhoods are more likely to have worse cognitive functioning. The featured researcher is Deborah Cohen.

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News Release

Older Women More Likely to Have Lower Cognitive Function if They Live in Low-Income Neighborhoods

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