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February 2012

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Evaluation of Performance Measure Use Identifies Common Uses, Gaps, and Opportunities for Improvement


Reliable measures to track quality and efficiency are key to evaluating the results of health care spending. This study tracks how the currently developed measures are being used while documenting opportunities for and obstacles to further improvement.

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Prescription Medication Abuse and Illegitimate Internet-Based Pharmacies

Internet Pharmacy

Abuse of prescription drugs represents a growing problem. This article discusses the challenge to federal and private efforts to combat the problem and outlines strategies for physicians to recognize and minimize the effects of the availability of these medications on the Internet.

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Getting More Value From HIV Funding in the Developing World

HIV testing in Africa

In the fight against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), the countries with the highest burden of disease rely heavily on donor funding for their HIV programs. Funding from donors have flattened or even declined while demand for HIV/AIDS care continues to rise. In such an environment, improving efficiency is the only option to provide life-saving services to more people without an increase in funding. A RAND study examined options to better leverage existing resources.

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News Releases

Promoting Vaccines in Office-Based Medical Settings Is Needed to Boost Adult Immunization Rates

Flu shot

Promoting immunizations as a part of routine office-based medical practice is needed to improve adult vaccination rates, a highly effective way to curb the spread of diseases across communities, prevent needless illness and deaths, and lower health care costs, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

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Journal Articles

Flu Shots Recommended for All Adults - But Who Knows? 

Flu shot

In 2010, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) began universally recommending annual influenza vaccination to all people aged 6 months and older. Healthy young adults, in particular, are impacted by this new recommendation — but how widely has awareness spread since the policy change?

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How Does Race Affect the Cancer Caregiving Experience?

Patient and caregiver

Cancer care has increasingly moved from hospital to outpatient settings, transferring significant aspects of patient care from medical professionals to family. A survey of African American and white caregivers found significant racial differences in preparedness, social support and time spent providing care.

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Does Outdoor Exercise Equipment Make Parks More Attractive to Users? 

Fitness equipment. Photo courtesy of iferneinez /

Commmunities around the world are investing in outdoor exercise equipment in parks to increase physical activity, yet the impact of such improvements is unclear. Research shows that adding equipment to parks attracts more new park users and results in a higher expenditure of energy.

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