PHRESH Interview

To determine whether building a new grocery store could make a difference in the health of Homewood and Hill District residents, we will compare what we learn from residents in the Hill District with what we learn from residents of Homewood. Looking at eating and food shopping data from households within these two neighborhoods will help us learn whether changes in eating and food shopping occur over time.

  • Why the Hill District and Homewood?

    Although the Hill District and Homewood are different in many ways, they also have many things in common: Residents from Homewood and the Hill District have had to go outside of their neighborhoods for major grocery shopping for many years. However, a new grocery store opened in the Hill District in late fall 2013. Examining both of these neighborhoods will help us learn how residents currently make the food and shopping choices they do, how they see their neighborhoods and the resources they have there, and whether changes in food shopping and other health factors are linked to the new full-service grocery store.

    PHRESH interviewers will be going door-to-door to invite adults in households in the Hill District and in Homewood to participate.

  • What is the PHRESH interview about?

    The PHRESH interviewers will ask questions about

    • availability of healthy food choices in the neighborhood
    • types of food stores in the neighborhood
    • healthy foods within food stores
    • cost of healthy and unhealthy food options
    • transportation and neighborhood safety
    • neighborhood green spaces and walking places
    • resident food shopping behaviors
    • resident opinions about healthy eating, and aspects of the neighborhood, such as transportation and safety
    • resident health and well-being.

    The interview will ask questions about where residents buy food, the types of food they can find in their neighborhoods, eating a healthy diet, and neighborhood safety. Interviewers will also ask to measure residents' height and weight. There are questions that ask residents to list all the foods eaten in the past 24 hours—this is called a dietary recall. Residents will be asked to complete this dietary recall again one to two weeks after doing the first PHRESH interview.

  • Who will participate in the PHRESH interview?

    • PHRESH interviewers will go door-to-door to ask residents to participate in the interview until 1,000 households in the Hill District and 650 households in Homewood are signed up.
    • One adult who knows about the household food shopping will be invited to complete the interview.
    • Interview participants will be given a $25 debit gift card for the first interview and a $15 debit gift card for the second dietary recall interview; a total of $40.
    • Two years later the same residents will be asked to participate again, and will again receive $40 for participating in both parts of the interview.
  • Where will the PHRESH interviews happen?

    PHRESH interviewers can conduct the interview in participants' homes OR participants can call the PHRESH Field Office and make an appointment to complete the interview at one of several locations in both communities.

  • When will the PHRESH interview happen?

    PHRESH interviews will be conducted twice:

    • once before the grocery store opens, between April and September, 2011
    • once in the year after the grocery store opens, between May and September, 2014.