Global Health

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Most nations face similar health challenges, including controlling costs, ensuring quality and access to care, and effectively addressing public health priorities. RAND Health analyzes global health issues and provides assistance to governments and health organizations around the world.

Latest Research and Publications

  • Addressing the Global Cataract Problem

    Most of the millions of cataract cases worldwide can be cured by quick, inexpensive procedures. But a shortage of trained surgeons remains a challenge. The HelpMeSee approach, a high-volume training and development system, could help close this gap.

  • What Is the Price of Prevention?

    The potential for treatment costs can discourage screening in developing countries. A field experiment in Nigeria offered cervical cancer screening to women at randomly chosen prices, as well as a chance for treatment subsidies. Findings indicate that preventive efforts in developing countries should subsidize both testing and treatment costs.

  • Antiretroviral Therapy and Food Security Support Each Other

    In examining the socioeconomic benefits of HIV antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Uganda, researchers find that ART helps alleviate the food insecurity of adults with HIV, which in turn may improve ART outcomes.

Research in Progress

  • Global Health Challenges

    Research on multi-country studies, including examinations of primary care delivery in fragile states and the impacts of cataract surgery in developing countries
  • Health in Latin America

    Health research on Latin America, covering topics such as hypertension, food security, chronic disease prevention, and more
  • Health in Asia

    Health research on Asia, covering topics such as disease surveillance, depression care, health sector monitoring, and more
  • Health in Africa

    Health research on Africa, covering topics such as depression treatment, ART adherence, preventive services, and more

Last updated: July 2013