Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health

child and pregnant mother

RAND Health has researched the health and special needs of pregnant women, new mothers, infants, children, adolescents, and families worldwide since the 1980s. Our researchers examine:

  • prenatal medical care
  • maternal mental health
  • maternal and infant mortality
  • nutrition
  • food security
  • adolescent issues

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Latest Research and Publications

  • Economic Burden of Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Compared to their peers, children with autism spectrum disorders have higher annual costs for health care appointments and prescriptions ($3,000 on average) and non-health care costs ($17,000 on average), such as special education at school. Previous analyses underestimated this economic burden, particularly for school systems.

  • How to Develop Home Visiting Programs

    Home visiting has achieved prominence on the national policy agenda because of the long-lasting positive outcomes. But how can stakeholders best plan, implement, and evaluate home visiting programs?

  • The Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic—And How We Can End It

    With more than 150 million Americans overweight or obese and an estimated 1.5 billion affected globally, obesity is the world's most pressing public health crisis. In A Big Fat Crisis, RAND's Deborah Cohen unpacks the hidden causes of the obesity epidemic and outlines concrete strategies for defeating it once and for all.

Research in Progress

Last updated: August 2013