Adolescent Health Issues: Research in Progress

RAND Health researchers are currently working on the following projects related to adolescent health issues.

Adolescent Substance Use

“Change Talk” in a Group Setting with At-Risk Adolescents

An examination of how change talk in the group setting affects substance use outcomes for adolescents at risk of substance disorders.

Lead Researcher: Elizabeth D'Amico (profile)

Technology-Assisted Diffusion for Evidence-Based Adolescent Treatment

An examination of the factors associated with sustainment of evidence-based treatments for adolescent substance use among federally funded community-based programs, assessing the quality of care delivered among these programs post-funding.

Lead Researcher: Sarah B. Hunter (profile)

Recording Exposure to Alcohol Marketing and Youth Drinking

A study following 750 youth in Los Angeles-area middle schools who will complete ecological momentary assessments recording their exposures to alcohol portrayals and advertising, and answering questions about their thoughts, feelings, and intentions related to alcohol use following each exposure as well as at random moments.

Lead Researcher: Steven Martino (profile)

Preventing and Reducing Tobacco Use Among Homeless Youth

A study to examine patterns and correlates of smoking among homeless youth and to develop a set of strategies for smoking reduction.

Lead Researcher: Joan S. Tucker (profile)

Adolescent AOD Use Trajectories: The Role of Race and Ethnicity

A project to measure youth alcohol and drug use annually in a racially and ethnically diverse sample of middle school and high school students.

Lead Researcher: Elizabeth D'Amico (profile)

Alcohol Screening of Ethnically Diverse Adolescents in Primary Care

An examination of how well the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism alcohol screener works in a primary care setting, and whether a brief motivational interviewing intervention is effective in reducing alcohol use among those youth who screen in at moderate or high risk.

Lead Researcher: Elizabeth D'Amico (profile)

Enhancing Prevention Capacity

A five-year randomized controlled trial with 12 community-based prevention coalitions in Maine to assess a combination of two SAMHSA best-practice programs (Getting To Outcomes® and Developmental Assets) designed to prevent drug and alcohol use among youth.

Lead Researcher: Matthew Chinman (profile)

Social Networks and Adolescent Drug Use

Application of recent advances in social network analytic methods to explore how alcohol and other drug use and adolescents' social networks co-evolve.

Lead Researcher: Hank Green (profile)

Family Mediation Program for At-Risk Youth

A two-arm pilot randomized controlled trial to evaluate a family mediation program aimed at preventing drug abuse and other problem behaviors among at-risk youth.

Lead Researcher: Joan S. Tucker (profile)

Brief Substance Use Intervention for Youth in Teen Court

Adapting and testing an efficacious group intervention among teens who have committed a first-time alcohol or other misdemeanor, with the goal of reducing alcohol use and related consequences.

Lead Researcher: Elizabeth D'Amico (profile)

Brief Voluntary Alcohol and Drug Intervention for Middle School Youth

Five-year longitudinal study to conduct a more rigorous test of Project CHOICE, the only voluntary intervention tested for middle school youth, in a larger, ethnically diverse school population.

Lead Researcher: Elizabeth D'Amico (profile)

Friendship Networks and Youth Marijuana Use

A study using social network analysis, applied to data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health, to investigate how friendship networks are related to patterns of youth marijuana use over time.

Lead Researcher: Joan S. Tucker (profile)

Adolescent Sexuality

Promoting Healthy Sexuality

A five-year multistate trial, involving middle-school youth and program staff from participating Boys and Girls Clubs, to test the degree to which adding the Getting To Outcomes implementation support intervention to a community-based, evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention program (Making Proud Choices) improves local capacity, fidelity, and teen sexuality outcomes.

Lead Researcher: Matthew Chinman (profile)

Adolescent Sexual Communications With Peers

A study of adolescent peer communications about sex that uses a novel real-world, real-time (in vivo) electronic assessment tool to observe and record participants' communications across several different channels.

Lead Researcher: Deborah M. Scharf (profile)