Violence and Health

young boy hugging knees on stairs

The health consequences of experiencing or witnessing traumatic events—domestic and community violence, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, war—are a significant public health problem. From students to soldiers, trauma can affect anyone.

RAND Health has identified ways to prevent and respond to different forms of psychological and physical violence and trauma.

From the RAND Blog

  • Domestic Violence as a Way of Life: The Reality for Papua New Guinea's Women

    Dec 31, 2014

    Violence against women is a persistent problem around the world. That's particularly true of Papua New Guinea, where abuse of women by domestic partners, gang members, and members of law enforcement is widespread, drawing comparisons to conditions in conflict zones.

  • Guns in Homes: A Health Hazard

    Mar 25, 2013

    An ample body of evidence indicates that the benefits of keeping a gun for protection are substantially outweighed by the associated risks, writes Art Kellermann.

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