Surveys and Tools

Over its 40-year history, RAND Health has produced many practical surveys and tools. Many are available below, organized by topic.


Aging and Health

Diversity and Health

Health Economics

Hospital competition measures
(Data and documentation for variable-radius measures)

Managed health care survey

HIV, STDs, and Sexual Behavior

Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health

Mental Health

Military Health Policy

Quality of Care

Quality of Life

Research Methods


End-of-Life Care

Health Security

HIV, STDs, and Sexual Behavior

HIV prevention planning tools
(Maximizing the Benefit Tool)

Informatics and Technology

Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health

Mental Health

Public Health

Quality of Care

Substance Abuse

Project BRIGHT Leader Manuals and Member Guidebooks

Getting to Outcomes 2004: Substance abuse prevention assessment tools

PROMIS® Smoking Initiative: Toolkit that, for adult cigarette smokers, enables precise and efficient measurement of six constructs of central importance to smoking research

Workplace Wellness

Five Steps to a Successful Workplace Wellness Program: a toolkit and guide for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a successful workplace wellness program.

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All of the surveys and tools from RAND Health are public documents, available without charge. Please provide an appropriate citation when using these products. No further permissions are necessary.

In some cases, the materials themselves include specific instructions for citation. Some of the surveys and tools listed on this website are not available from RAND Health. However, we provide links to these materials hosted elsewhere, where you may find instructions for use.

We are unable to provide further information on permission requests.

This information applies to requests for commercial and non-commercial purposes; there is no longer a distinction between the two.


RAND has limited translated versions of the surveys and tools listed on this page. All of the available translations are shown on the individual survey/tool page.

If you are unable to locate a survey or tool in a particular language, it is likely that RAND does not offer it in that language. The translations we do offer are posted as a courtesy; no additional translation or certification information is available.

If you are interested in translating any of the surveys into another language, please see our translation guidelines. Although RAND cannot validate the translation, you may state that in producing the translation you “followed the specifications provided by RAND Health.” RAND does not offer validation information regarding surveys and tools found on other websites.

We are unable to provide further information on translation requests.

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If you have a question about our surveys or tools not answered on this page, you may email us at While we appreciate your interest and feedback, we may not be able to respond to each message, due to the volume of emails we receive.

Many of the RAND surveys were designed and fielded by RAND's Survey Research Group.