Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in Local Public Health Agencies

New influenza A virus subtypes, similar to those that caused the three pandemics of the 20th century, are likely to emerge in the 21st century as well. Medical advances and public health preparedness efforts have improved the nation's abilities to respond to a pandemic influenza emergency even as dramatic increases in global travel and the demand for poultry have made the nation more vulnerable to such threats.

This set of tools features a fully customizable template for a tabletop exercise for pandemic influenza preparedness that can be used by state and local health agencies and their healthcare and governmental partners as an exercise in training, in building relationships, and in evaluation. We refined these exercises by pilot-testing them at three metropolitan-area local public health agencies in three separate states from August through November 2005. The contents of the manual will be of interest to public health professionals at the state and local levels who are involved in pandemic preparedness activities in their agencies.