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January 2017

U.S. Policy in Asia Under the Trump Administration – January 25, 2017

Scott W. Harold and Admiral Sam Locklear

Scott W. Harold and Admiral Sam Locklear

Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

On January 25, 2017, the Center for Asia Pacific Policy hosted a conference, “Pivot to Asia? U.S. Policy in Asia Under the Trump Administration.” The conference offered a multi-dimensional assessment of U.S.-Asia relations on multiple fronts, including the environment, national security, trade, and human rights. The keynote address was given to a full room of over 200 attendees by Admiral Sam Locklear, PACOM Commander from 2012-2015, who engaged in a dialogue with CAPP's associate director, Scott W. Harold on the United States' pivot to Asia under the Obama administration.

Initiated under President Obama, the Asia rebalance was intended to position relations with the fastest growing, most economically dynamic region for the 21st century. Admiral Locklear felt that, in Asia, it was important for the United States to continue to remain engaged from a position of both strength and principle. He stated that the U.S.-China relationship is the most important bilateral relationship for the world, and one that the Obama administration engaged in fully at different levels. While most speakers agreed it was still early days to gauge the direction of the new administration, many emphasized the importance of the Trump administration making a clear commitment to Asian security.