CAPP Events: 2003

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Korean Official Visits RAND

RAND's Center for Asia Pacific Policy hosted a visit by the Honorable Lee Shin-Bom, former Republic of Korea National Assemblyman and Vice-Chairman of the Assembly's National Unification, Foreign Affairs, and Trade Committee, at RAND's Santa Monica office on July 7, 2003 to discuss domestic political trends in South Korea and their implications for South Korean foreign policy.

The discussion highlighted some of the major problems in South Korean party politics today, including the continuing challenge of regionalism and difficulty in forming broad centrist coalitions, and their impact on South Korean policy toward North Korea. The implications of current economic trends and U.S. plans to restructure its military forces were among other issues discussed.

RAND analyst Norman Levin chaired the meeting. Other RAND participants included CAPP Director Nina Hachigian, Project AIR FORCE Strategy and Doctrine Program Director Ted Harshberger, analyst Eric Larson, Asia Policy Chair William Overholt, Corporate Chair of International Economics Charles Wolf, and analyst Benjamin Zycher.