Much of RAND's Middle East work is coordinated by its Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP) which develops opportunities for RAND's many and diverse research units to involve themselves in Middle East work. Among many other projects, RAND analysts working through CMEPP have consulted to bring education and health reforms to Qatar, helped the Kurdistan Regional Government develop a strategy to increase private-sector employment, and - together with Palestinians, Israelis, and the international community - authored a comprehensive nation-building plan to address challenges to the success of a Palestinian state.

RAND's work on the Middle East is conducted by virtually every one of its many research units. CMEPP is the mechanism by which RAND's experts on health, education, and national security research are paired with its experts on the political, societal, and cultural issues in the region. In this way, RAND is able to bring to bear a full array of analytic capabilities to understand the Middle East in the broadest possible sense.

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    RAND's Impact in the Middle East2015

    Provides an overview of RAND's impact in the Middle East in the areas of supporting youth, health and health care, education, energy and environment, labor market reform and private-sector development, capacity-building, and planning for the future.