Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel faces a wide range of social, economic, and security challenges, some of which stem from the decades-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. RAND's research has focused on the costs of this conflict as well as the requirements for a successful Palestinian state. Our experts also focus on domestic challenges within Israel, including long-term economic strategy, police reform, and energy policy.

Our Work

  • Report

    Greater Transparency and Accountability Key to Improving Effectiveness of Israel Police

    Jul 2, 2013

    Saunders, et al.

    An approach to policing known as “procedural justice,” emphasizing transparency and accountability, would help Israel's national police meet current and emerging challenges. The force needs to address issues of civil-police relations, benchmarking, performance measurement, and deterrence.

  • Project

    RAND Palestine Initiative

    Jun 25, 2010

    The RAND Palestine Initiative, a multidisciplinary team of experts from the RAND Corporation that has been working with Palestinians, Israelis, and the international community, presents key aspects of "The Arc," options for strengthening the physical infrastructure for a new Palestinian state.

  • Commentary

    Hamas's Strategic Rebranding

    May 17, 2017


    Hamas has unveiled a revised version of its charter that appears to soften the group's stance toward Israel. Does this represent a shift away from violence and toward a more lasting and peaceful political presence? Or is it a ploy to buy time to rearm?

  • Commentary

    Toward a Renewed Middle East Peace Process

    May 11, 2017


    Momentum is building toward resumption of the dormant Middle East peace process. But there will need to be a clear, consistent plan that delivers quick, tangible results to both sides and helps restore trust between them in order for a peace plan to succeed.

  • Commentary

    Hidden Dangers of Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

    Dec 28, 2016


    Moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would antagonize partners in the Islamic world who are key to fighting ISIS and other extremists. And any potential cooperation that might have developed between Israel and Arab states over common concerns about Iran could suffer.

  • Report

    Israel's Iran Policies After the Nuclear Deal

    Aug 29, 2016


    Israel was one of the most vocal opponents of the Iran nuclear talks. But once the nuclear deal became a reality, Israel's attention turned to nonnuclear challenges, particularly Iran's growing role in Syria.

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