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RAND researchers often write commentaries for publications on a variety of topics. For a complete list of all commentaries by RAND staff, visit the RAND Press Room. The page below lists commentaries topics related to Russia and Eurasia.

  • Dealing with a Revanchist Russia

    Feb 8, 2017

    The deployment of additional U.S. forces and other NATO units to Poland, Norway, the Baltics, and other states symbolically reinforces the West's commitment to the alliance. But countering Russia's influence will require a fundamental reformulation of EU and U.S. political strategy.

  • Hezbollah Is Winning the War in Syria

    Jan 30, 2017

    Hezbollah's participation in operations in Syria have likely helped improve the group's interoperability with other military organizations, hone its tactics, and expand its ability to command and control forces in a combat environment—all of which can be exported back to its native Lebanon.

  • Iran Is at Putin's Mercy

    Jan 12, 2017

    Russia and Iran have forged an unprecedented but fragile alliance in the Middle East. But there's no guarantee that Putin won't sell Iran out if he manages to forge better U.S. relations under Trump.

  • How to Deter Foreign Cyberattacks on U.S. Elections

    Jan 5, 2017

    Deterring future cyber-meddling in U.S. elections will require convincing adversaries — Russia and others — that any future such meddling will either be ineffective and/or too costly to be worthwhile.

  • No Quick Fix with Russia

    Jan 3, 2017

    A series of small steps is more likely to improve Western and Russian security than an attempt at a total reset. At the same time, sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine, and NATO actions to reassure and protect allies, must continue.

  • Were Russian Hacks Really a Threat to American Democracy?

    Dec 30, 2016

    The Russian attacks should be another wake up call about the relentless probing of America's digital assets by adversaries and the potential consequences of weak cyber defenses. But U.S. democracy appears to have survived safe and sound.

  • America's Cyber Security Dilemma — and a Way Out

    Dec 22, 2016

    The United States should continue to pursue international cooperation in cyberspace, improve its ability to identify and expose the sources of attacks, and improve its oversight of the development and adoption of cyber-related technologies.

  • How Can We Be Sure Putin Hacked the Democrats?

    Dec 16, 2016

    Did Russia conduct an election cyber campaign against America? There is likely no smoking gun. But there is presumably a preponderance of technical evidence, intelligence, and benefits to Moscow that points in that direction.

  • Insights on the Russian 'Firehose of Falsehood'

    Dec 13, 2016

    A massive, ingenious, and concerning campaign of propaganda has been pumping westward for years, supporting the Russian agenda in Ukraine and Syria and likely trying to influence the U.S. presidential election.

  • Can Trump Make a Deal with Putin?

    Dec 5, 2016

    If executed properly, President-elect Trump's diplomacy could help reverse a destabilizing downward spiral in U.S.-Russian relations and create a vision of what normal relations might entail.