Energy Research for the Greater Middle East

RAND helps clients develop decision frameworks and processes to measure and evaluate the effects of existing or planned energy policies.

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    What Infrastructure and Environmental Choices Will We Make to Address Growing Stresses of Urbanization?

    The challenges of climate change, urbanization, and disasters place unprecedented stresses on our infrastructure and require complex decisions by local and regional governance. Infrastructure Resilience and Environmental Policy addresses urbanization and other stresses.

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    Natural Gas and Israel's Energy Future

    Israel can make natural gas usage a bigger part of its energy portfolio without jeopardizing its security, but even more importantly, the nation needs to make conservation measures a priority in its future energy plans.

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    China Invests Warily in the Middle East

    China endeavors to protect its expanding interests in the Middle East by not taking sides in conflicts and controversies. The United States should encourage China to get more involved in efforts to improve regional stability while reassuring partners of its own commitment to the region.