Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance

Improving corporate ethics and public policy through objective, empirical research and analysis.

The RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance, or CCEG, is committed to improving public understanding of corporate ethics, law, and governance, and to identifying specific ways that businesses can operate ethically, legally, and profitably at the same time.

The CCEG is dedicated to three objectives:

  • Creating more effective public policies
  • Promoting more ethical, self-governing corporate cultures, and
  • Improving public trust in the corporate world.
  • What Makes a Good Leader? Ask Pope Francis, or Lady Gaga

    Nov 18, 2014

    What makes an effective state? What makes a good leader? Panelists at RAND's Politics Aside event discussed leadership, governance, and how the service part of democracies has become too politicized.

  • Surprise: Q and A with Dave Baiocchi and D. Steven Fox

    Aug 14, 2013

    Dealing with surprises is an important part of many professions. The NFL coach prepares by developing a comprehensive response plan for anything that could happen during the game while the Navy SEALs rely on a looser framework that helps them stay alive and achieve their mission objective.