Research Agenda of the RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance

Current Projects

Accounting Methods and Systemic Risk: An Investigation of Policy Issues and Lessons

Project Leader(s): Michael D. Greenberg

Hedge Funds, the Financial Collapse of 2008, and Issues and Options for Policy

Project Leader(s): Lloyd Dixon

For Whom the Whistle Blows: Corporate Whistleblowing, Federal Policy, and the Shifting Landscape of Corporate Compliance and Culture

Project Leader(s): Michael D. Greenberg

Can Economic Openness Inspire Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies?

Project Leader(s): Lisa Klautzer

Projects in Development

Assessing Litigation, Policy, and Cost Implications of a Unified Fiduciary Duty Standard Under Dodd‐Frank Section 913

Project Leader(s): Eric Helland

Corporate and National Governance, Values, and Economic Development

Project Leader(s): Krishna Kumar

Regional Development, Sustainability, and Corporate Governance – Distilling the Lessons of Pittsburgh Business Activities in the Middle East and North Africa

Project Leader(s): Karla Cunningham

Institutional Investors

Project Leader(s): Paul Heaton