Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance (CCEG)

Improving corporate ethics, governance, and financial risk regulation through objective, empirical research and analysis.

The RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance, or CCEG, is committed to improving public understanding of corporate ethics, law, and governance. The Center also addresses related problems in public policy and risk management, particularly concerning the relationship between regulators and the private sector. The Center carries out studies with support from government, foundation, and private-sector sponsors. In all instances, our work reflects a commitment to impartiality, objective analysis, and multi-disciplinary problem solving.

CCEG Blog Postings

  • When Public Trust in Corporations Is Shaken

    Oct 28, 2015

    The Volkswagen scandal comes at a time when the public's trust in both the automotive industry and tech companies is at risk. The level of public trust in an individual organization could end up burnishing — or infecting — an entire industry or new technology.

  • Boards, Compliance and Reputation: Diving Shallow Versus Diving Deep

    May 1, 2013

    Basic questions have been raised about the evolving role of boards, at a time when scandal and perceptions of corporate opportunism have resulted in a loss of public trust in the business community, writes Michael Greenberg.

  • How Whistleblower Rule Enables Corporate Compliance

    Jun 14, 2011

    The kerfuffle over Dodd-Frank conceals broad agreement that corporate fraud and misconduct are bad and that internal compliance mechanisms are intended to protect companies as well the community at large from bad behavior, write Michael Greenberg and Donna Boehme.