Kauffman-RAND Institute Research Agenda

Current Kauffman-RAND Institute for Entrepreneurship Public Policy studies include the following.

Entrepreneurship and Public Policy in India

Project Leader(s): Robert Blackwill, Krishna Kumar

This project will assess the role played by public policy in fostering entrepreneurship in India. It will identify strengths and challenges and make policy recommendations.

Entrepreneurship in Health Care Delivery

Project Leader(s): Susan Gates

Building on the foundation of empirical research conducted by the Kauffman-RAND Institute for Entrepreneurship Public Policy and RAND's expertise in specific areas, this initiative will focus upon entrepreneurship and social problems and explore ways in which entrepreneurship can help to address some of the critical social issues of our times.

Conceptual Perspectives on Health Care Innovation in the United States With an Emphasis on the "Value Chasm"

Project Leader(s): Steven Garber, Susan Gates

This paper offers conceptual perspectives on improving the social value of health care innovation. Many of these perspectives apply to drugs, devices and delivery, and others emphasize interdependencies between drug and device innovation on the one hand and delivery innovation on the other. Our major objective is to aid thinking and analyses of the kinds of innovative activities that should be encouraged and discouraged from a social (or public-policy) point of view. We pay particular attention to innovation in health care delivery and the what we call the "value chasm," which is a generalization of the "quality chasm" described in Institute of Medicine (2001).

The Housing Crisis, Credit Constraints, and Entrepreneurship

Project Leader(s): Robert Fairlie

This study will provide the first comprehensive examination of the relationship between home ownership and entrepreneurship. Newly created panel data from matching consecutive months of the Current Population Survey (1996-2009) will be used to explore whether home ownership predicts who starts a business.

Market-based Approaches to Public Health Preparedness in the Private Sector

Project Leader(s): Christopher Nelson

This project will develop a discussion paper that scopes out opportunities for using market-based policy tools to induce greater private-sector efforts in public health preparedness. The paper will identify some of the key private behaviors required to enhance preparedness, incentives that can shape those behaviors, and how incentives could be incorporated into the tax code, intergovernmental grant programs, and other policies.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Civil Justice System

Project Leader(s): James Anderson

This research effort will explore the role of innovation and entrepreneurship on the operation of the civil justice system and identify impediments to such innovation.