Below are presentations offered at conferences, seminars, and other events that succinctly summarize key police personnel issues and strategies. These resources are listed here in reverse chronological order, alphabetically by year.

Featured Briefings

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse, High Quality Police Force

Recruitment and retention of officers is an increasing challenge for police agencies, and many urban police agencies report particular difficulty in recruiting minority and female officers. The RAND Center on Quality Policing convened a national summit in June 2008. Speakers discussed police workforce issues, strategies, lessons that could be learned from other organizations, and in-depth analyses of police recruiting and retention in selected cities.


Center for Problem-Oriented Policing

Challenges of Police Recruiting in the District of Columbia [PDF]

Cathy Lanier

Closing the Recruitment Gap: A Symposium's Fundings

Vest, Gary

Competing in a Highly Competitive Job Market [PDF]

M. Douglass Scott

Conference on Recruitment, Hiring and Career Development

Five Ways to Improve Police Recruiting Without Raising Taxes [PDF]

Nelson Lim

FutureForce: A Guide to Building the 21st Century Community Corrections Workforce [PDF]

Stinchcomb, Jeanne B.; McCampbell, Susan W.; Layman, Elizabeth P.

Government reply to the fourth report from the Home Affairs Committee Session 1998-99 : Police training and recruitment : first special report

Maximizing Officer Retention [PDF]

Dwayne Orrick

Minutes of Evidence:(i) Police training and recruitment (ii) Delays in the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (iii) Accountability of the Security Service

Minutes of Evidence:(i) Police training and recruitment (ii) The work of HM Inspectorate of Constabulary

Misconduct among Previously Experienced Officers: Issues in the Recruitment and Hiring of "Gypsy Cops"

Middleton-Hope, J.

National Workshop on Recruitment From Ethnic Communities [PDF]

New Orleans Experience [PDF]

Warren J. Riley

Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process

Crow, David; Huntley, Andrea; Crowther, Samuel; Jones, Helen

PERF's National Survey on Recruiting and Hiring in Law Enforcement [PDF]

Bruce Taylor

Planning in Large Personnel Systems: From the Military to Police Departments [PDF]

Bernard Rostker

Police Personnel Challenges After September 11 Anticipating Expanding Duties and a Changing Labor Pool [PDF]

Laura Miller

Police Recruitment and Retention in New Orleans: Crisis as Catalyst [PDF]

Jeremy M. Wilson

Police--United States -- Police Officer Selection: A Handbook for Law Enforcement Administrations by Anthony R. Moriarty and Mark W. Field

Casper, Juliet M.; Funk, T. Markus

Public hearing, emergency first responders, equipment, recruitment and training

Recruiting for a Rapidly Growing Community [PDF]

James N. Owens

Recruitment And Hiring: Challenge Or Opportunity For Change? [PDF]

Ellen Scrivner

Recruitment and Retention in Community Corrections: Report From a National Institute of Corrections Conference

Shaner, L.

School to Work: A Recruitment Model for the 21st Century [PDF]

Wirthman, Joseph W.

Strategic Recruiting in the New York City Police Department [PDF]

Rafael Pineiro

The cost-effectiveness of military advertising : evidence from 2002-2004

James N. Dertouzos

The Military Way: Marine Corps Recruiting [PDF]

Choike, Col. Daniel , Lt. Col. Michael Zeliff

U.S. Department of Justice

Unlocking the Recruitment Problem

Kim Kohlhepp

Why Recruitment in Law Enforcement Isn't Working! [PDF]

Alan Deal