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Lord Peter Levene, Chairman of Lloyd's of London, to visit RAND Institute for Civil Justice — December, 2010

ICJ is proud to host Lord Levene of Portsoken KBE, Chairman of Lloyd's of London, in early December at RAND. Lord Levene is an Alderman of the City of London and served as Lord Mayor of London for the year 1998-99. He received a knighthood in 1989 and became a life Peer in July 1997. Lord Levene is also the Chairman of International Financial Services London (formerly British Invisibles) and is a member of the House of Lords Select Committee for Economic Affairs.

ICJ Researcher Featured in New York Times' Opinion Pages — Oct. 21, 2010

The New York Times features a discussion by ICJ researcher, David Loughran, regarding findings from the ICJ report, "Regulating Older Drivers: Are New Policies Needed?" Loughran highlights that older drivers (those 65 and older) are only slightly (16 percent) likelier than drivers aged 25 to 64 to cause an accident and that they pose much less risk to the public than do drivers ages 15-24, who account for 13 percent of licensed drivers but cause 43 percent of all traffic accidents. He finds little support for the idea that stricter licensing policies targeting older drivers would substantially improve traffic safety.

ICJ Announces New Research Director, Paul Heaton — Oct. 5, 2010

RAND Institute for Civil Justice (ICJ) is pleased to announce that Paul Heaton has assumed the role of ICJ's Director of Research. Paul is an associate economist and a professor in the Pardee RAND Graduate School who has been with RAND since 2007. Much of his research aims to apply methodological insights from economics to inform issues in legal and criminal justice policy. His recent work examines how insurance markets affect safety, medical care, and fraud; the economic returns to investments in police technology and personnel; and the recruiting and retention effects of military policy. In 2008–2009, Paul was ICJ's Robert Pike Distinguished Scholar. Paul received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. We welcome Paul to his new role.

For ICJ Overseer Kenneth R. Feinberg, Administering BP's $20 Billion Oil Spill Compensation Fund May Prove as Challenging as the September 11 Victims Compensation Fund — Aug. 21, 2010

Feinberg will have to sift through claims that will require him to estimate the amount of money that people in off-the-books jobs like fishing were earning, as well as the amount of income they stand to lose from a disaster whose long-term impact is still unclear.

ICJ Launches New Program for Leading Southern California Attorneys — Jul. 28, 2010

ICJ has created an elite program to convene thought leaders in the Southern California legal community for meaningful discussions and interactions relating to law and public policy. The RAND ICJ Southern California 50 Leadership Council (RAND ICJ So Cal 50) offers the first forum in Southern California for prominent, policy-oriented attorneys to regularly convene and address the most pressing issues facing the civil justice system and legal profession today.

ICJ Researcher Presents Plenary Address at the National ADR Research Forum in Australia — Jul. 17, 2010

ICJ researcher Geoffrey McGovern presented the plenary address at the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council's (NADRAC) National ADR Research Forum in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on July 17, 2010. His presentation, Building an ADR Compass: Gathering Useful Empirical Data on Where We Are, Where We Might Go, and How to Get There, discussed the challenges policymakers face in obtaining useful and comparable data on ADR needs, usage, and successes, and presented a range of options for moving the ADR research agenda forward. As part of his visit to Australia, Geoffrey met with representatives of the state and federal governments, and the academic and non-profit research communities to discuss the future of ADR and court research.

ICJ Overseer, Kenneth R. Feinberg, Chosen by the Obama Administration to Be the Independent Administrator of the BP Gulf Spill Independent Claims Fund — Jul. 2010

The Obama administration has selected ICJ Overseer, Ken Feinberg, to administer the $20 billion escrow fund established by BP for individual and business claims stemming from the oil spill. Feinberg previously served as Special Master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and more recently as the Special Master of TARP Executive Compensation.

ICJ Study Identified as One of the Top 10 Corporate and Securities Articles of 2009 — Apr 27. 2010

The ICJ paper, Going-Private Decisions and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: A Cross-Country Analysis, has been identified by the Corporate Practice Commentator as one of the top 10 corporate and securities articles of 2009. The paper investigates whether the regulatory regime created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) has driven firms in general, and small firms in particular, out of the public capital market.

RAND Executive Vice President Discusses Catastrophe Risk Management — Jan. 2010

RAND executive vice president Michael Rich spoke at the first International Symposium on Catastrophe Risk Management, commemorating the establishment of the Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM) at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. In the speech, he explains the importance of catastrophe risk management for policymaking in the face of deep uncertainty and discusses challenges for ICRM, RAND, and the rest of the analytic community.


ICJ Experts Present Research to California's Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation — Dec. 10, 2009

ICJ's Lloyd Dixon and James Macdonald presented research results from their recently released report, California's Volatile Workers' Compensation Insurance Market: Problems and Recommendations for Change, at the December 10, 2009 meeting of California's Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation. The report identifies the factors that contributed to the market volatility and the large number of insolvencies following price deregulation, and suggests policy changes that can reduce the severity of these problems in the future. ICJ researcher, Seth Seabury, also presented a briefing for the Commission, relating to return-to-work in California's workers' compensation system, and the trends in benefits and income replacement.

ICJ Research to Be Featured at the Fourth Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies — Nov. 20-21, 2009

ICJ researchers Steven Garber, Michael Greenberg, Paul Heaton, Eric Helland, Nicholas Pace, and Seth Seabury have been selected to join other leading scholars from around the world to present their empirical legal scholarship at the Fourth Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, held at the USC Gould School of Law on November 20-21, 2009.

ICJ Welcomes New Director, James N. Dertouzos — Oct. 27, 2009

The RAND Institute for Civil Justice is proud to announce the appointment of James N. Dertouzos to the position of ICJ Director. During his 27-year tenure at RAND, Dr. Dertouzos has led over 100 research projects and has served in a variety of management positions, including Associate Head of the Economics and Statistics Department, Associate Corporate Research Manager, Resident Scholar in Economics, and, for the past year, ICJ Acting Director. The ICJ team congratulates Dr. Dertouzos on the recent appointment and looks forward to his leadership and guidance.

Former ICJ Director, Robert T. Reville, is leading a large RAND project on mass tort litigation in collaboration with Silicon Valley-based Risk Management Solutions (RMS). He will continue to be actively involved in ICJ. ICJ thanks Dr. Reville for his years of service as Director.

ICJ's Robert T. Reville Gives Opening Address at the Geneva Association's 6th Annual International Liability Regimes Conference — Oct. 26-27, 2009

Robert T. Reville provided the opening address at the Geneva Association's 6th Annual International Liability Regimes Conference titled, "The Shifting Role of the State Relative to the Private Economy: Liability Insurance at the Fulcrum," held in Zurich on October 26-27, 2009. Dr. Reville's address, "The Crisis and Beyond: 'Litigonomics' and Its Implications," framed the discussion regarding how current economic conditions are impacting the quality and nature of litigation and liability.

UCLA School of Law and RAND Launch Empirical Legal Studies Program — Oct. 8, 2009

The UCLA-RAND Center for Law and Public Policy has established an empirical legal scholarship program and is recruiting students eager to adopt techniques used in economics, sociology, and other social sciences to explore legal issues.

ICJ Study Cited to Remind Advocates of Medical Malpractice Reform that Patients Rarely Benefit — Oct. 1, 2009

Every time the issue of rising medical costs gets debated, politicians start clamoring for "tort reform," writes Michael Hiltzik. While it's fair to say that some reform is needed, the trick is to make sure that the benefits of any changes go to the right people—the patients.

Forbes Recognizes Center Advisory Board Member as One of "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women" — Aug. 19, 2009

Forbes has recognized Amy Schulman, RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance Advisory Board member and Pfizer Senior Vice President and General Counsel, as the world's 81st most powerful woman. Congratulations to Ms. Schulman on this outstanding achievement.

ICJ Board of Overseers Chair Appointed "Special Master for Executive Compensation" — Jun. 10, 2009

President Obama announced June 10 that Kenneth R. Feinberg, Chair of the ICJ Board of Overseers, will be tasked with vetting compensation for executives of large corporations that have received federal bailout funds.

ICJ Board Member Named in The National Law Journal's "Profiles in Power" — Mar. 30, 2009

The National Law Journal has identified ICJ Board member Michele Coleman Mayes, Allstate Insurance Company's Senior Vice President and General Counsel, as one of the twenty most influential general counsel in America. ICJ congratulates Ms. Mayes on the well-deserved recognition.

Preventing and Detecting Corporate Misdeeds: Ethics and Compliance Officers Offer Advice for Policymakers — Mar. 5, 2009

Improvements in corporate compliance, ethics, and oversight have been a significant policy goal for the U.S. government at least since the enactment of the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines in 1991 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002. Notwithstanding these earlier government initiatives, the collapse of financial markets in late 2008 has invited renewed questions about the governance, compliance, and ethics practices of firms throughout the U.S. economy. On March 5, 2009, RAND convened a conference in Washington, D.C., on the role and perspectives of corporate chief ethics and compliance officers (CECOs) in supporting organizations in the detection and prevention of corporate misdeeds. The conference brought together leaders from among ethics and compliance officers in the corporate community, as well as stakeholders in the nonprofit sector, academia, and government. Discussions focused on the challenges facing corporate ethics and compliance programs as a first line of defense against malfeasance and misbehavior; on the role of CECOs as champions for implementation in their companies; and on potential steps that might be taken by government to empower CECOs and, by extension, the corporate ethics and compliance programs that they oversee.

Neal Wolin Accepts Position as Deputy Counsel to the President for Economic Policy and Deputy Assistant to the President — Jan. 28, 2009

Neal Wolin, a longtime member of RAND Institute for Civil Justice's Board of Overseers, has recently accepted a position in the White House as Deputy Counsel to the President for Economic Policy and Deputy Assistant to the President. We congratulate Neal on his tremendous accomplishment, and are reassured that the new administration will have the benefit of his guidance and leadership.


President-Elect Obama Chooses Mary Schapiro, Advisory Board Member, to Lead the SEC — Dec. 18, 2008

President-elect Obama has chosen Mary Schapiro, Advisory Board Member to the RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance (CCEG), to lead the SEC. We are encouraged that the SEC will have the benefit of her outstanding leadership. Ms. Schapiro will join Timothy Geithner, a member of the RAND Board of Trustees and nominee as Treasury Secretary, in steering the country toward economic recovery and renewed confidence in our financial markets. While we regret Ms. Schapiro will no longer be available to advise RAND, we wish her the best of luck and are committed to providing her with the unbiased, objective information she will need to be successful in her new position.