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Latest Reports

  • RR275

    Developing Long-Term Socioeconomic Strategy in Israel: Institutions, Processes, and Supporting InformationApril 25, 2016

    Israel has not routinely developed and successfully implemented strategic responses to socioeconomic problems that demand longer-term, coordinated policy action. Researchers developed detailed recommendations for the Israeli government to apply a strategic perspective toward socioeconomic issues and develop a formal socioeconomic strategy should it wish to do so.

  • RR1488-NIJ cover_CC.indd

    The Role of Technology in Improving K–12 School SafetyApril 14, 2016

    The report categorizes school safety technologies, noting the lack of research about school safety technology and summarizing the existing research on school violence; presents six case studies of innovative technologies used in schools; and summarizes experts' views of technologies and safety problems, determined through interviews; and presents experts' rankings of technology needs to improve school safety, produced during two day-long panels.

  • RR1187_cover_CC_dw.indd

    Consumer Attitudes Toward Data Breach Notifications and Loss of Personal InformationApril 13, 2016

    Although spending on cybersecurity continues to grow, companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations are still being breached, and sensitive personal, financial, and health information is still being compromised. This report sets out the results of a study of consumer attitudes toward data breaches, notifications that a breach has occurred, and company responses to such events.

  • RR1478_FNLCompiled

    Driving to Safety: How Many Miles of Driving Would It Take to Demonstrate Autonomous Vehicle Reliability?April 11, 2016

    How safe are autonomous vehicles? The answer is crucial for developing sound policies to govern their deployment. This report evaluates whether it is practical to test-drive autonomous vehicles to assess their safety. We find that it would take hundreds of millions of miles and sometimes hundreds of billions of miles of test-driving to provide clear statistical evidence of autonomous vehicle safety, suggesting it is not a practical approach.