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Latest Reports

  • RR1224

    Using Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Prioritize Spending on Traffic SafetyDecember 14, 2015

    This report examines how traffic safety funding could be spent to reduce motor vehicle crash–related injuries and deaths. Specifically, it assesses three issues: the most cost-effective interventions at the national and state levels, whether to allocate incremental funding increases to all states or spend the funds in targeted states, and how best to allocate funds that target drunk driving.

  • RR800

    Electronic Surveillance of Mobile Devices: Understanding the Mobile Ecosystem and Applicable Surveillance LawDecember 10, 2015

    Law enforcement agencies face major challenges surrounding law enforcement use of the user data collected through mobile phones and describes a prototype tool — the Mobile Information and Knowledge Ecosystem (MIKE) — that could help a wide range of stakeholders understand how information is shared within the mobile ecosystem and the legal protections that govern access to that information.

  • RR871_cover_new_size_CC.indd

    Quality of Life Indicators and Policy Strategies to Advance Sustainability in the Pearl River DeltaNovember 6, 2015

    This report proposes a system of quality of life indicators and identifies policy options to advance sustainability in the Pearl River Delta, a region of Guangdong Province in southeastern China. The report focuses on land use and transportation goals and strategies, with additional analysis of policies related to the environment, housing, and economic development.

  • RR1108-NIOSH_cover_CC.indd

    Nanomaterial Safety in the Workplace: Pilot Project for Assessing the Impact of the NIOSH Nanotechnology Research CenterNovember 3, 2015

    RAND researchers use literature reviews and stakeholder interviews to develop a preliminary logic model to help the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's Nanotechnology Research Center assess its contributions to improving the safety and health of workers who could be affected by the production, use, reuse, or disposal of engineered nanomaterials.

  • RR1173_cover_CC.indd

    Enhancing U.S. Coast Guard MetricsOctober 27, 2015

    The U.S. Coast Guard needs to measure its operational-level performance effectively. To assist this effort, the authors created logic models detailing elements of the Coast Guard's 11 missions. After identifying and assessing the validity, reliability, and feasibility of relevant existing metrics, the authors go on to propose potential metrics that could improve on or complement existing metrics, as well as a framework for applying the metrics.