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Latest Reports

  • RR791

    Shining a Light on State Campaign Finance: An Evaluation of the Impact of the National Institute on Money in State PoliticsAugust 12, 2014

    The National Institute on Money in State Politics collects, processes, and makes public information on campaign contributions made to state-level candidates for public office. Drawing on experiences of a variety of users, as well as a review of the publications that have used the Institute's data and research reports, this report provides an evaluation of the Institute's impact on the public discourse over campaign finance at the state level.

  • RR624

    Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act: Fiscal Year 2012-2013 ReportAugust 8, 2014

    California's Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act provides funds for counties to offer evidence-based programs for high-need juvenile probationers and at-risk youth. This report, based on the annual report to the state legislature, outlines the program's success for six outcome measures (completion of probation, restitution, and community service; arrests; probation violations; and incarcerations) and county-required supplemental outcomes.

  • RR636

    The Future of Driving in Developing CountriesJuly 15, 2014

    The level of automobility, defined as travel in personal vehicles, varies quite substantially between countries even at similar levels of economic development. Researchers sought to determine the factors besides economic development that affect automobility, their influence on automobility, and what would happen to automobility in developing countries if they progress along similar paths as developed countries.

  • RR467

    License Plate Readers for Law Enforcement: Opportunities and ObstaclesJuly 1, 2014

    Because license plate reader (LPR) technology is relatively new in the United States, opportunities and obstacles in its use in law enforcement are still under exploration. To examine issues about this technology, RAND conducted interviews with law enforcement personnel, police officers, and others responsible for procuring, maintaining, and operating the systems.

  • RR531

    Evaluation of the Shreveport Predictive Policing ExperimentJuly 1, 2014

    This report documents an assessment of a predictive policing effort that was conducted to evaluate the crime reduction effects of policing guided by statistical predictions. In addition to a basic appraisal of the process, the report shows the crime impacts and costs directly attributable to the strategy in order to provide a fuller picture for police departments considering if and how a predictive policing strategy should be adopted.