Publications on Environmental and Climate Policy and Regulation


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    Costs of Selected Policies to Address Air Pollution in China2015

    Keith Crane, Zhimin Mao

    Air pollution has been one of the most pernicious consequences of China's last three decades of economic transformation and growth. This report estimates the costs of three measures to reduce air pollution in China: replacing coal with natural gas for residential and commercial heating, replacing half of China‘s coal-fired electric power generation with renewables or nuclear power, and scrapping highly polluting vehicles.

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    Overcoming Obstacles to Advanced Reactor Technologies2015

    Edward Geist

    This perspective examines the institutional and technical obstacles to the commercialization of advanced nuclear reactors for electrical power generation in the United States, evaluation of non--light-water reactor nuclear plants, and investing the time and resources needed to establish the operational and safety characteristics of these technologies.

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    Valuing Coastal Natural Capital in a Bioeconomic Framework2015

    Craig Bond

    Presents a method and model that can be used to consistently value a system of interacting natural capital stocks; namely, wetlands and a fishery.