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    Afghanistan's Growing Security Challenge2008

    Seth G. Jones

    This chapter examines the security situation in Afghanistan, and asks three questions. What are Afghan perceptions of the security environment? How do these perceptions vary across the country? How do Afghans feel about their security institutions, especially the Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan National Army (ANA)? The chapter argues that Afghans continue to believe that insecurity is the most significant problem facing their country.Continued focus must be maintained on building the capacity of the Afghan security forces to ensure the security of the Afghan population, especially in the most insecure areas of the country.

  • research_briefs

    Do NYPD's Pedestrian Stop Data Indicate Racial Bias?2008

    Greg Ridgeway

    This research brief summarizes work determining whether (1) racial distribution of New York City Police Department stops suggests racial bias, (2) certain officers disproportionately stop nonwhites, and (3) there are racial differences after stops.