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People Are the Key to RAND's Success

Approximately 1,800 people from more than 46 countries work at RAND, representing diversity in work experience; academic training; political and ideological outlook; and race, gender, and ethnicity.

Employment at RAND

The RAND Corporation's reputation is built on quality and objectivity. RAND provides an exciting intellectual environment and opportunities for career growth. We hire highly qualified applicants and provide challenging assignments. Diversity is an essential operating principle at RAND. We look for unique backgrounds, original views, and diversity in academic training, work experience, and ideological outlook. We are committed to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

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Thank you for your interest in employment at RAND. If you need additional assistance in applying for a job at RAND, please call Teresa McLemore at 310-393-0411 extension 6819 or email her at Teresa underscore McLemore at rand.org.

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What it's like to work at RAND

"RAND was an extraordinary place for me because they thought big thoughts. They actually like huge ideas. They wanted people who had an entrepreneurial inclination and had big ideas and wanted to change the world."

Raynard Kington, President Grinnell College, former Deputy Director of NIH and RAND researcher

Our People

Our people come from a diverse range of professional and educational backgrounds.

Our Research Structure

Researchers from multiple departments form teams to work on projects related to their areas of expertise or interest.


RAND is a multinational organization. The job openings listed are available in one or more of our U.S. offices. Click on a location to view a map and directions.

Map showing U.S. RAND offices Santa Monica, CA New Orleans, LA Washington, D.C. Boston, MA Pittsburgh, PA

Job openings may also be available in our European offices.

RAND hires outstanding individuals for a wide array of research and research support roles, including full-time researchers, research assistants, graduate student summer associates, research communications analysts, project managers, and computer programmers.

There are many opportunities to interact with RAND researchers at college campuses, professional organization meetings, and other events. Please feel free to meet us in person at these events to learn more at RAND.

RAND is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Females/Veterans/People with Disabilities