Federal Financial and Economic Literacy Education Programs, 2009

Angela A. Hung, Kata Mihaly, Joanne K. Yoong

Asking for Help: Survey And Experimental Evidence on Financial Advice and Behavior Change

Angela A. Hung, Joanne K. Yoong

Building Up, Spending Down: Financial Literacy, Retirement Savings Management, and Decumulation

Angela A. Hung, Erik Meijer, Kata Mihaly, Joanne K. Yoong

Consumer Use of Banks and Credit Unions: Findings from a Survey for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

Jinkook Lee, Teryn Mattox, Kyoung-Nan Kwon, Arie Kapteyn, Tania Gutsche

Financial Literacy and Economic Security: RAND Research for the Gulf States

Joanne K. Yoong

How Do Mutual Fund Fees Affect Investor Choices? Evidence from Survey Experiments

Jeff Dominitz, Angela A. Hung, Joanne K. Yoong

Investor and Industry Perspectives on Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers

Angela A. Hung, Noreen Clancy, Jeff Dominitz, Eric Talley, Claude Berrebi, Farrukh Suvankulov

Marital Histories and Economic Well-Being

Julie Zissimopoulos, Benjamin R. Karney, Amy Rauer

Self-Dealing and Compensation for Financial Advisors

Joanne K. Yoong, Angela A. Hung

Using International Micro Data to Learn about Individuals' Responses to Changes in Social Insurance

Michael Hurd, Pierre-Carl Michaud, Susann Rohwedder