Training Opportunities Through the Center

The RAND Population Research Center is committed to research training. Part of this commitment takes place through the RAND Fellows in Population Studies and the Study of Aging program. Via this program, new Ph.D.s spend two years at RAND sharpening their analytic skills, learning to communicate study results effectively, and developing a future research agenda. This training takes place largely through work with ongoing Center projects.

Additionally, training funds from the Hewlett Foundation have supported visitors from developing countries, who have come to RAND to participate in Center projects such as the Indonesia Family Life Survey. For example, the Center co-sponsored (in conjunction with the Hewlett Foundation and the World Health Organization), a training program for Indonesian collaborators on the Indonesian Family Life Survey. Seven Indonesian participants, four from the Demographic Institute of the University of Indonesia, spent three weeks at RAND developing their analytical and computing skills under the direction of Kathleen Beegle. Participants undertook research covering child and adolescent health, reproductive health, smoking, and development of social capital. Participants also attended the conference on Health Status Measurement.