Research on Children and Families

Family in a park

RAND Labor and Population researchers are at the forefront of efforts to understand how early childhood experiences influence outcomes later in life and how public policy can help families raise healthy children who are ready for the challenges of school and adolescence.

Informed by economics, sociology, and health sciences, our researchers understand that children are deeply influenced by the choices their parents make before birth and during the first years of life, and that these choices reflect constraints that can be influenced by public policy.

  • RAND Indonesia Data Core

    The RAND Indonesia Data Core is an online digital library of Indonesian data surveys and documentation with Indonesian originals and English translations. Surveys cover socieconomic status, the labor force, small and large businesses, households, and urban and rural prices.

  • Survey in Rural Bangladesh Explores Life-Cycle and Aging

    The Matlab Health and Socio-economic Survey, conducted in 1996, provides a unique microlevel data set for research on aging. In particular, these new data will support in-depth analyses — not possible with existing survey data — on interrelated topics having to do with life-cycle investments in the physical, economic, and social well-being of adults and the elderly.