Improving Financial Decisionmaking

Through our Center on Financial and Economic Decisionmaking (CFED), RAND researchers study how individuals and families make financial decisions and examine how public policy can be leveraged to help improve financial stability.

Improving Financial Decisionmaking Related to Retirement

The decrease in defined benefit pension plans use, coupled with an increase in the life span, is shaping how individuals plan financially for their retirement. CFED researchers investigate how households save for retirement, invest their savings, and spend down their assets in retirement.

Building Financial Health amongst the Economically Vulnerable

CFED researchers design, implement, and evaluate interventions targeted at helping individuals build savings, improve credit, reduce debt, and strengthen financial literacy and capability.

Bringing Together Government Policymakers, Academia, and Industry

The RAND Behavioral Finance Forum is an annual conference and webinar series for federal government, academic, and industry leaders on behavioral finance topics such as retirement security, consumer financial protection, and financial advice.

  • Draft

    Household Retirement Savings: Are Spouses Saving Together?

    Feb 3, 2017

    Couples may plan for retirement together, but savings are often held in the name of one individual. How are households dividing retirement contributions and assets between spouses, and how do these decisions impact accumulated assets?

  • Report

    Effective Disclosures in Financial Decisionmaking

    Oct 12, 2015

    Financial service providers often have better information about their wares than consumers. Disclosure is a policy tool designed to address this by giving consumers valuable information. But it may not provide enough support in helping them make more informed decisions.

  • Tool

    A Tool for Reviewing K-12 Financial Education Curricula

    Nov 5, 2015

    A bewildering array of curricula and materials is available to support K–12 financial education. This reviewing tool helps educators assess which to use, and to better understand the strengths and gaps in the curriculum currently in use.

  • Report

    Do Financial Advisers Influence Savings Behavior?

    Nov 20, 2015

    Financial advisers can play an important role with helping individuals make better financial decisions and improving their financial situations. But does working with a financial adviser improve savings behavior, particularly saving for retirement?

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