Preparing Workers for a Global Economy

In all areas of the world, the shift toward a global economy and 21st century technological opportunities have created a demand for educated, versatile workers who can adapt to complexity and innovation. Understanding these changes and their consequences is fundamental to formulating sound labor policy.

Our research is structured around these themes:

  • Understanding the dimensions of productive labor market
  • Assessing the skills and challenges of workers at all ages

RAND Labor and Population helps illuminate for decisionmakers how productive labor markets work, the role an educated workforce plays in them, and which policies will best support them.

  • Dec 15, 2014

    HR Practices for Labor Inspectorates in Developing Countries

    Hiring and training labor inspectors in different areas of the world present immense challenges, from the amount and type of education to appropriate performance measurement. What inspectors do and why may be the most important criteria that impact this effort.

  • RAND Indonesia Data Core

    The RAND Indonesia Data Core is an online digital library of Indonesian data surveys and documentation with Indonesian originals and English translations. Surveys cover socieconomic status, the labor force, small and large businesses, households, and urban and rural prices.

  • Longitudinal Survey Explores Indonesian Family Life

    The Indonesian Family Life Survey is an ongoing, longitudinal survey begun in 1993 that represents about 83% of the Indonesian population and includes over 30,000 individuals living in 13 of the country's 27 provinces.