Preparing Workers for a Global Economy

To promote workforce development at home and abroad, RAND Labor and Population helps public and private sector decisionmakers understand how to keep workers productive, knowledgeable, and engaged.

Understanding the Dimensions of Productive Labor Markets

RAND Labor and Population researchers conduct wide-ranging research on labor markets—analyzing wages, employment, demographics, and other dynamics; making informed projections of skill demand; identifying constraints on growth; and recommending pathways to progress. Our recent work includes assessments of the health of Mongolia's labor market, informal sector growth in Bangladesh, manufacturing in India, and tourism in California.

Assessing the Skills and Challenges of Workers at All Ages

RAND Labor and Population researchers identify the most optimal ways to prepare tomorrow's workers to compete in the globally connected workplace, to enhance the skills of current workers, and to integrate disadvantaged populations into the workforce. Our recent research in this area includes helping to reduce youth unemployment in targeted countries, boosting employment among U.S. veterans, connecting the unemployed with jobs in New Orleans, supporting the welfare-to-work transitions of low-income parents in California, and training workers for jobs in the energy sector in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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    Strengthening School-to-Work Opportunities in the Big Apple

    Aug 24, 2016

    RAND is conducting a year-long, multi-method study to understand whether New York City's Scholars at Work program is effectively preparing youth in the city for opportunities in the labor market.

  • Project

    Preparing Local Talent for Jobs in the Emerging Energy Sector

    Dec 7, 2015

    A multi-level study of the ShaleNET Program, a partnership between energy sector employers and colleges in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, to teach STEM skills critical for high-demand jobs in the expanding energy sector.

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    Military Veteran Employment Valued, but Challenges Still Need to Be Addressed

    Nov 10, 2014

    Businesses report that U.S. military veterans make excellent employees, but companies still experience challenges locating and hiring them, including continuing difficulty understanding the match between military skills and civilian job requirements.

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    The Appalachia Partnership Initiative

    Mar 9, 2016

    The Appalachia Partnership Initiative seeks to build sustainable STEM education and technical training programs in the Greater Pittsburgh area, ultimately helping to develop a skilled workforce ready for careers in energy and manufacturing.