American Life Panel

The ALP is an Internet panel of more than 5,000 respondents ages 18 and over who use either their own computer to log on to the Internet or a Web TV system that allows them to access the Internet using their television and a telephone line. Organizations may contract with ALP to include their questions in upcoming interviews at a low, fixed fee-for-service rate.

For more information about sample recruitment, panel use, or survey hosting, visit please fill out the MMIC/ALP Request form and we will contact you. Please note the American Life Panel does not accept volunteer respondents. Please use this form for research only.

About ALP and MMIC

The American Life Panel (ALP) and Multi-Mode Interviewing Capability (MMIC) are proprietary capabilities of the RAND Corporation. They were developed by RAND with its own funds and with the support of numerous clients and grantors who have commissioned social-science and economics research and analysis at RAND. Use of the RAND ALP and MMIC is available to outside researchers for a fee.

The use of RAND ALP and MMIC for the continuous presidential election poll was initiated and financed by RAND in order to demonstrate their distinctive capabilities to a broader audience.