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  • Greater Transparency and Accountability Key to Improving Effectiveness of Israel Police

    A RAND study addressed issues of public perceptions and trust in the Israel Police, and benchmarked Israel’s law enforcement agencies against other police organizations. This year, recommendations from the report have been adopted by the Israel Police, including the launch of a pilot program for the use of body worn cameras. NSRD director and RAND Vice President Jack Riley, and Senior Economist Steven Popper are among the study’s lead authors.

Blog Posts and Media Coverage

  • From the Battlefield to the Boardroom: Transferring Veterans' Skills to the Civilian Labor Market

    Aug 26, 2016

    The number of returning veterans will grow to 4.2 million — a robust talent pool that can be an asset to the civilian workforce. Resources must continue to be invested in translating their skills, certification and licensing, and comprehensive career counseling.

  • The Future of Cyber Investigations at the FBI Is Unclear

    Aug 24, 2016

    Evidence presented by the FBI in the case of U.S. v. Jay Michaud was excluded because the agency was unwilling to reveal the software exploit used to collect it. If the FBI exposes its capabilities, other criminals can patch their computers, but concealing its techniques risks the ability to prosecute cyber criminals.

  • President Obama's Controversial Legacy as Counterterrorism-in-Chief

    Aug 22, 2016

    There were no attacks like 9/11 during Obama's eight years in office. But there were plenty of terrorist adversaries. While he will be judged in part for his domestic achievements, Obama's counterterrorism choices are a major part of his legacy.

  • Transgender Troops: Fit to Serve

    Aug 18, 2016

    The Pentagon's decision to open the ranks to transgender service members was informed by months of RAND research into the costs and numbers involved.

  • ISIS vs. Al Qaida: Battle of the Terrorist Brands

    Aug 16, 2016

    Rather than thinking of defeating terrorists solely in traditional military terms, it might make sense to think of bankrupting them. It might help to consider the factors that cause luxury brands to lose their luster or big box retailers to fail.

  • Emergencies: France, Mali, and Turkey Are Playing with Fire

    Aug 15, 2016

    The leaders of France, Mali, and Turkey have declared formal states of emergency. France's Hollande and Mali's Keïta, while responding to real threats, are risking democracy. Erdogan appears to be targeting democracy and using Turkey's recent failed coup as a pretext.

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