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AUG 18, 2016

The ISIS hashtag is seen typed into a Twitter smartphone app, February 6, 2016

Photo by Dado Ruvic/Reuters

How to Counter ISIS on Twitter

ISIS opponents on Twitter outnumber ISIS supporters six to one. But on average, an ISIS sympathizer produces 50 percent more tweets per day than an opponent. That's according to a new RAND study that analyzed more than 23 million tweets to better understand both groups and help inform strategies to weaken ISIS's influence. Read more »

Pharmacist discussing prescription with customer

Photo by SelectStock/Getty Images

The ACA May Have Increased Treatment, Reduced Out-of-Pocket Spending

People who gained coverage following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act sharply increased their use of prescription drugs, while their out-of-pocket spending for medications dropped significantly. That's according to a new RAND study that examined the experiences of nearly 7 million prescription drug users. Read more »

An aerial view of the Coronado Bridge, which connects San Diego and Coronado, California

An aerial view of the Coronado Bridge, which connects San Diego and Coronado, California. Photo by Art Wager/Getty Images

Infrastructure Must Change with Climate

Until recently, infrastructure engineers could use data on past weather to predict future climate. But this is no longer an option, says RAND's Robert Lempert. More and more, engineers must consider the effects of climate change. Failure to do so would threaten public safety. Read more »

The U.S. and Japanese flags blend together

Photo by Viktorcvetkovic/Getty Images

Strengthen the U.S.-Japan Alliance for Better Security

The United States has the resources to shape the future of the Asia-Pacific, and allies like Japan are worth defending, says RAND's Scott Harold. Abandoning alliances in the region would be more costly and would also make America less safe at home, he says. Read more »

David Shlapak

David Shlapak is a senior international research analyst at RAND and is codirector of the RAND Center for Gaming. Photo by the RAND Corporation

Q&A on Gaming and Public Policy

Using games in research can help improve decisionmaking in such areas as security, health care, and climate change, says RAND's David Shlapak. So what makes for a worthwhile game? “If the problems you present make players' heads hurt and stomachs churn, you're doing your job,” says Shlapak. Read more »

A New York City fireman calls for 10 more rescue workers to make their way into the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 15, 2001

A New York City fireman calls for 10 more rescue workers to make their way into the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 15, 2001. Photo by JO1 Preston Keres/U.S. Navy

ISIS and al Qaida: Battle of the Brands

ISIS is the “big box” retailer to al Qaida's luxury brand. That's according to RAND's Colin Clarke and Steven Metz of the Strategic Studies Institute. ISIS is playing a numbers game, focusing more on quantity than quality of attacks, reach, and recruitment. Al Qaida is focused on exclusivity, pedigree, price-setting, and recruits who understand its message. Read more »

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