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SEPT 22, 2016

A closeup of cannabis

Photo by Yuliya Semakova/Getty Images

What Your Kids Need to Know
About Marijuana

No matter how parents feel about legalizing marijuana, they need to talk about the drug with their kids, says RAND's Elizabeth D'Amico. Doing this in the same way they discuss alcohol is a good place to start. And parents should emphasize a key reason why marijuana can be harmful: Kids' brains are still developing. Read more »

Woman paying a cashier with a credit card

Photo by alvarez/Getty Images

Cost of Cyber Incidents Not Large Compared with Other Business Losses

Why don't American companies invest more in computer security? A new RAND study offers a possible explanation: Relative to the other risks they face, cyber risks often aren't as significant as expected. Most breaches cost companies less than 0.4 percent of their annual revenues. Read more »

Illustration of a self-driving car

Image by chombosan/Fotolia

Steering Toward a Driverless Future

The federal government released its first guidelines on the testing and use of autonomous vehicles this week. One official noted that this technology “will save time, money, and lives.” RAND research has explored these and other potential benefits and highlighted the importance of testing methods that go beyond test drives. Read more »

Doctor discussing a prescription with a patient

Photo by sturti/Getty Images

Fighting the Opioid Crisis: New Findings

The CDC has deemed opioid abuse a full-fledged epidemic. Previous RAND research shows that buprenorphine has helped expand access to addiction treatment. But according to a new study, physicians with waivers to prescribe this recovery drug have the capacity to treat more patients. Read more »

An Australia Post drone is pictured during a delivery trial in Melbourne, April 15, 2016

An Australia Post drone is pictured during a delivery trial in Melbourne, April 15, 2016. Photo by Australia Post/Handout via Reuters

Promoting and Regulating Commercial Drones

The skies of tomorrow may be crowded with commercial delivery drones. How can the government spur development in this area while protecting public interests? And how will drone traffic be managed? RAND experts weigh in. Read more »

The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington, D.C.

The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington, D.C. Photo by traveler1116/Getty Images

The Downsides of Aggressive Monetary Policy

Sometimes well-intended policies can have unintended consequences. This applies to aggressive monetary policy, which can have “perverse effects” on retirees, income inequality, and market stability, says RAND's Charles Wolf. Read more »

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