Insights on education for refugee children, tobacco and teens, and the Paris climate summit.

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NOV 24, 2015

Syrian refugee children draw inside a makeshift school, supported by UNICEF and in cooperation with the Beyond Association, in Zahle, Lebanon, October 22, 2014

Photo by Mohamed Azakir/Reuters

Refugee Children Need Access to School

Only half of Syrian refugee children have access to education, with 700,000 not receiving any formal instruction in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Classes are overcrowded and teachers are inexperienced in handling classroom conditions that include traumatized students, some of whom have missed years of school. Read more »

Cigarettes are displayed behind the counter of a convenient store

Photo by Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Hiding Stores' Tobacco Products Reduces Teens' Risk of Use

A new RAND study, conducted in a one-of-a-kind laboratory replica of a convenience store, found that teens were 11% less susceptible to cigarette smoking when the visibility of tobacco products was limited, compared with when they were visible behind the cashier. Read more »

A man applies a sticker which reads 100% electric next to the logo of the upcoming COP21 Climate Change Conference on a Nissan LEAF electric car in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, November 16, 2015

A man applies a 100% electric sticker next to the logo of the upcoming COP21 conference on a Nissan LEAF electric car in France, November 16, 2015. Photo by Benoit Tessier/Reuters

COP21 Not a Climate Change Silver Bullet

The Paris climate conference can't provide the engine that will drive a solution to the world's climate change challenge, says RAND's Robert Lempert. Rather, it can serve as a mediator that will help guide and structure the swirling, bottom-up process of radical change that is the best hope of preserving Earth's climate. Read more »

An elderly person's hands on a doctor's desk next to a stethoscope

Photo by Barabas Attila/Fotolia

What If ACA Tax Credits Were Fixed Amounts?

Critics of the ACA have advanced a “premium-support” model in which tax credits are fixed amounts for enrollees regardless of their premium costs. While they would yield considerable savings for the federal government, premium-support models could create age and income disparities in coverage. Read more »

Mother and son using a touch pad tablet on a plane

Photo by nadezhda1906/Fotolia

From 'Screen Time' to 'Screen Purpose'

“Screen time” is becoming simply “time.” That's according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which announced that it will revise its guidelines on children's media use for the first time in 15 years. According to RAND's Lindsay Daugherty, the discussion should be less about screen time and more about “screen purpose.” Read more »

Afghan National Army officers stand at attention at the Kabul Military Training Center, Afghanistan, October 7, 2015

Afghan National Army officers stand at attention at the Kabul Military Training Center, Afghanistan, October 7, 2015. Photo by Ahmad Masood/Reuters

Improving U.S. Security Assistance

America often approaches security assistance the same way it did in Vietnam, with the same results. That's according to RAND's Michael Shurkin, who says that security assistance is an opportunity to focus on the political context: “The contest … often hinges on legitimacy, and on rival efforts to define what it means to be a patriot.” Read more »

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