Information for Libraries

Subscription Program

To meet RAND's mission of disseminating its research results as widely as possible, RAND offers a special standing order subscription program to libraries that will deliver the latest public policy research straight to your institution. Join the many libraries and institutions that currently subscribe to RAND publications.

RAND E-books

RAND collaborates with today's leading e-book retailers and wholesalers in order to bring RAND's cutting-edge research to a wider audience. RAND has developed e-book distribution partnerships with a number of companies, including, Apple iBooks, Baker & Taylor, Barnes and Noble, Books 24x7, Books at JSTOR, EBL,, ebrary, and University Readers.

RAND State Statistics

RAND State Statistics is an expansive source of valuable social science data covering all 50 U.S. states. Subject areas include population and demographics; health and health care; business and economics; crime, prisons, and courts; labor force, employment and earnings; energy; environment, resources, and weather; K-12 education; higher education; income, expenditure, wealth and poverty; social insurance and human services; transportation and travel; and federal, state, and local government.