On Distributed Communications Series

III. Determination of Path-Lengths in a Distributed Network

III. Determination of Path-Lengths in a Distributed Network

Appendix B

Program Listing

In this appendix is presented the program listing, together with a Table of Contents to the routines listed. The page numbers referred to in this table are the numbers internal to the listing, not the pages in the Memorandum.

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS            *  INDICATES ROUTINES OF DIRECT INTEREST TC USERS   ROUTINE                    DESCRIPTION                                   PAGE   MACRO DESCRIPTIONS                                                        6 NETDMP      ERROR DUMPS AND DISPLAYS                                      7   NETPGM         SUPERVISORY PROGRAM                                        7   PARSET      USED TO SET PARAMETER VALUES                                  8 .ENTRY      ENTRY ROUTINE FOR SUPERVISORY MACROS                         10  PRESET      INITIALIZES NETWORKS. USED BY SIMULATOR AND             BY MODELS. USES INL, INS, IA, IL, BH.                        11  INL         SETS CONNECTIVITY MAP                                        16 INS         CCMPUTES STORAGE MAP                                         11 IA          SETS LINK TABLE                                              21 IL          GENERATES LINK LENGTHS                                       23 IH          GENERATES INITIAL HO TABLE                                   26 BH         GENERATES BEST HO TABLE                                       29   MOVER       USEC BY SIMULATOR TO MOVE MSGS                               31   HOVER       USED BY MOVER AND BH TO UPDATE HO TABLE                      34   UPDATE   * USED BY HOVER AS H0-TABLE UPDATING ALGORITHM                  36   DELIVR      USED VARIOUSLY TO STACK MESSAGES AT STATIONS                 31   RCUTER   * USED BY SIMULATOR TO ROUTE MSGS. USES FA, FB                  39   FA          DETERMINES A STATIONS AVAILABLE LINKS                        42 PB          ORDERS AVAILABLE LINKS W.R.T. HO-TABLE VALUES                43  DROP        PLACES DROPPED MSGS ON DROP LIST                             44 RECORD      PLACES DELIVERED MSGS ON ARRIVAL LIST                        45   CHAIN      USED VARIOUSLY TO PLACE MSGS ON LISTS                         47   MG         USED BY SIMULATOR TO PRESET MSG LOADING                       48   ACTIVE   * RECALCULATES MESSAGE LOADING, ALPHA                           49   GM         USED VARIOUSLY TO GENERATE AND INSERT NEW MSGS                50   RM         USED BY SIMULATOR TO MAINTAIN LOADING                         52   SIMUL8    * THE SIMULATOR, S1                                            53      CONT      * CONTINUES SIMULATION INITIATED BY SIMUL8                     53   SKTLU     *  INTRODUCES MESSAGE SINKS                                    51     SCTLU     *  INTRODUCES MESSAGE SOURCES                                  58  SIDIST    * DISPLAYS SI'S DISTRIBUTION                                   61 S1FLOW    * DISPLAYS SI'S TRAFFIC FLOW                                   61 S1WAIT    * DISPLAYS S1'S STACK WAlTING TIME DIST                        62   PB          DISPLAYS DISTRIBUTIONS                                       62   SETHMX    * SETS HMAX TO VALUE THAT INSURES DESIRED DROP RATE            63   CLEAR       INITIALIZES ALL COUNTERS, ETC                                64   BESTHO    * DISPLAYS THE BEST, BEST-PATH DIST                            65   HTF          COMPUTES BEST HO-TABLE DIST                                 66  HTS          COMPUTES AVERAGE AND VARIANCE OF DIST                       67  MODEL2    * APPLIES MODELB AND DISPLAYS DIST                             68  " MODELL    * APPLIES MODELA AND   "       "                               70  PCOL       LITERALS, MASKS, SWITCHES, ETC                                73    PARAM    NETWORK PARAMETERS                                              77   TABLES    LISTS AND TABLES USED BY VARIOUS PROGRAMS                      77 

[1] The program listing is not available online. You may obtain the listing by ordering a hard copy of the original document, RAND RM-3578-PR.

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