RAND Europe News and Events

  • Americans Don't Sleep Enough, and It's Costing Us $411 Billion

    30 Nov 2016

    Hafner , et al.

    Sleep and sleep loss are often considered to be among the most intimate of personal behaviors, but sleep matters to all aspects of society, from an individual’s health to the success of the global economy.

  • Before We Measure Teaching Quality, We Should Know What It Is

    29 Nov 2016


    The lack of an evidence base on teaching quality and its impact in higher education points to a need for more research, made more pressing by the imminent roll-out of the Teaching Excellence Framework, which intends to assess and monitor teaching quality at UK higher education institutions.

  • Finding the 'Sweet Spot' in the UK Minimum Wage Debate

    28 Nov 2016


    Increases in the UK national minimum wages have not had adverse effects on employment overall. But it's important that the new national living wage and minimum wage aren’t increased to a point that is unsustainable for businesses.

  • Measuring What Works: Workplace Well-Being

    28 Nov 2016

    Whitmore, et al.

    The link between productivity and well-being is recognized and increasingly accepted as a prerequisite of strong employer and employee performance. HR professionals and CEOs believe that high employee well-being means high staff engagement and a real intention to do well for the workforce.