RAND Europe News and Events

  • The New Drug Wars

    03 Mar 2015

    The RAND Corporation

    As noted in the latest RAND Review, modern medicine is built on the promise that antibiotics will clear away the bacteria that made everything from skin infections to surgery potentially lethal just a few generations ago. But drug-resistant strains of disease have spread in recent years.

  • Ringing the Alarm Bell for Antimicrobial Resistance

    20 Feb 2015

    Taylor, et al.

    The increase in the number of bacterial and viral infections that are resistant to antimicrobial drugs poses a growing global health threat: antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Recent economic modelling by RAND Europe has shed new light on the potential global impacts of failing to address the AMR threat.

  • Putting UK Mental Health Services on the Road to Recovery

    20 Feb 2015


    If mental health problems are the most significant barrier preventing people on benefits from taking up employment, then why not transform how the system supports them? Policymakers could redirect some of the resources available to the benefit system towards improving mental health outcomes, and put more evidence-based interventions in place. The savings to the benefit system should logically pay for this investment.

  • Measuring Impact: How Australia and the UK Are Tackling Research Assessment

    08 Dec 2014


    The UK is the first country to attempt to allocate funding based on the wider societal impact of research, and in 2012, a subset of higher education institutions in Australia ran a small-scale pilot exercise to assess impact and understand the potential challenges of the process. What can be learned by comparing the UK and Australian approaches?

  • Cambridge Science Festival Panel to Discuss How Work Can Make You Healthier

    13 Mar 2015

    Join a panel discussion with Professor Dame Carol Black, Expert Adviser on Health and Work to the Department of Health, Dr Steve Boorman (chair of the Boorman review of health and wellbeing in the NHS) and Dr Chris van Stolk of RAND Europe, exploring how and to what extent the workplace can improve our health and wellbeing.

  • Sir Gregory Winter CBE FRS and László Andor Join Council of Advisors

    30 Jan 2015

    RAND Europe announced today the appointment of two new members to its Council of Advisors: Sir Gregory Winter, master of Trinity College Cambridge, and László Andor, former European Union (EU) commissioner for employment, social affairs & inclusion.

  • Pointing a Spotlight on RAND Europe's Activities in 2014

    27 Jan 2015

    In its annual review, RAND Europe describes the research it conducted to support policymaking in four areas of transformation: harnessing the power of ICT, safeguarding society, building healthier communities and innovating for efficiency.

  • Cornish Joins RAND Europe to Lead Defence, Security and Infrastructure Group

    20 Jan 2015

    Professor Paul Cornish has joined RAND Europe to lead its research in the areas of defence, security and infrastructure. Specifically, the research aims to provide analytical and decision-support work in defence, security and cyber policy, together with analysis of market demand and decision-making in a wide range of complex public policy areas.