RAND Europe News and Events

  • A New Model for Open Innovation: The Structural Genomics Consortium

    25 Mar 2014

    Open innovation is often suggested as a solution to enhance productivity in under-performing areas of research. Now, the strengths and weaknesses of a new open innovation model in drug discovery have been evaluated.

  • Building a Resilient Europe to Face Future Societal Changes

    10 Mar 2014

    The key policy challenges for the next EU institutional cycle (2014–2019) involve investing in citizens, developing a new growth paradigm, and reinventing government. Preparing for these challenges could help the EU better face future disruptions, no matter how or why they materialise in the future. In turn, this experience can contribute to the EU's need to anticipate high uncertainty by developing flexible strategies and monitoring major trends, therefore building up its resilience to external shocks.

  • Reflecting on Gender Equality in Europe

    07 Mar 2014

    International Women's Day, March 8, celebrates women's rights and world peace. It arose from the early 20th century women's labour movements demanding equal economic and political rights. With the United Nations 2014 International Women's Day theme being “Equality for Women is Progress for All”, it is a time to reflect on progress made, raise awareness of the struggles that women and men still face and consider how best these challenges could be addressed.

  • Happy 80th Birthday, 'GDP' — Is It Not Time to Retire?

    01 Feb 2014

    While there are merits to using GDP, it is clear that it fails to measure several important potential externalities to economic growth, such as environmental damage, poor working conditions, or violations of privacy rights.

  • Researchers to Lead Week-long Course on Conducting Human Capital Impact Assessments

    01 Jun 2014

    RAND Europe experts will lead a UNU-MERIT course this summer to provide participants with the skills to conduct impact assessments in diverse national contexts. The course concentrates on various techniques to measure the impact of public policies on human capital. The course will take place 14-18 July in Maastricht and applications are due 1 June.

  • President of the European Research Council Opens RAND Europe’s Workshop

    03 Apr 2014

    To support a study of international research collaboration addressing the European Union’s 'Grand Challenges', RAND Europe is running an expert workshop today at the European Commission in Brussels, which will help shape policy recommendations to the EC.

  • Culture for Health Approach in Public Health Improvement

    03 Apr 2014

    The Chief Medical Officer for England, Dame Sally Davies, writes together with RAND Europe researchers in The Lancet today, arguing that to address current and emerging population health challenges we need a new approach that builds on past experience and places creating a ‘culture for health’ at its core.

  • Nolte Shares Best Practices in Medical Education at KBVMesse

    26 Mar 2014

    KBVMesse 2014, a German conference on innovative developments and service provision in ambulatory medical and psychotherapeutic care, featured Ellen Nolte in an International Panel on Medical Education and Training. She discussed best practices in medical education from France, the Netherlands and the UK.