RAND Europe News and Events

  • How Smart Are Our European Cities?

    09 Jul 2014


    The urban population is expected to double by 2050, when seven out of every 10 people will live in cities. Poverty, inequality, unemployment, and energy management challenges are also expected to increase. One potential solution is the concept of the “smart city,” where initiatives are designed to fuse current infrastructures with digital technology.

  • Fathers Providing Childcare: Evidence from Europe

    13 Jun 2014


    Father's Day offers a reason to examine how government policies encourage fathers to take a more active role in caring for their children. A particularly informative example can be found in the aspects of European family policy that relate to fathers' caregiving in the early years of children lives.

  • Dutch and UK Adolescents See More Alcohol Advertising on TV Than Adults

    23 May 2014


    Adolescents in the UK and the Netherlands (but not in Germany) see more alcohol adverts on television, per hour of television watched, than adults. These differences result from the different viewing times, channels watched, and the placement of adverts.

  • Are We Entering a New Era of Cannabis Regulation?

    22 May 2014

    Kruithof, et al.

    Although international drug treaties prohibit the production, distribution, and possession of cannabis for non-medical and non-scientific purposes, several jurisdictions have implemented new laws and policies, including some that remove criminal penalties for possession of small doses of cannabis.

  • Researchers to Lead Week-long Course on Conducting Human Capital Impact Assessments

    01 Jun 2014

    RAND Europe experts will lead a UNU-MERIT course this summer to provide participants with the skills to conduct impact assessments in diverse national contexts. The course concentrates on various techniques to measure the impact of public policies on human capital. The course will take place 14-18 July in Maastricht and applications are due 1 June.

  • Cave Participates in Debate on Promoting Competitive Consumer Markets

    02 May 2014

    Jonathan Cave, Senior Research Fellow at RAND Europe, recently joined a panel of experts, including Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, at a Which?-sponsored debate, "Promoting competitive consumer markets for sustainable growth." The experts reviewed the current state of consumer and regulatory affairs to consider ways to address widespread dissatisfaction with the way many consumer markets perform. Vince Cable subsequently blogged on the role of the new Competition and Market Authority.

  • Despite Medical Advances, Many Unaware of HIV Treatment Options

    23 Apr 2014

    New research from the National AIDS Trust shows that people’s understanding of HIV over the last 30 years has not kept pace with medical advances. For example, less than half of gay men surveyed were aware that emergency treatment to prevent HIV transmission can be taken up to 72 hours after exposure risk. With Mapping Pathways, RAND Europe is working to improve understanding amongst individuals and communities about the use of ARV drugs as an HIV/AIDS prevention strategy.

  • President of the European Research Council Opens RAND Europe’s Workshop

    03 Apr 2014

    To support a study of international research collaboration addressing the European Union’s 'Grand Challenges', RAND Europe is running an expert workshop today at the European Commission in Brussels, which will help shape policy recommendations to the EC.