RAND Europe News and Events

  • Taking an Interest: What Makes Someone Respond to a Survey

    05 Jan 2016


    Researchers have two main reasons for caring about non-response. First, it is important to ensure that survey findings are unbiased and representative, and second, concern about survey non-response is a key reason given by those who ignore or chose not to act on the findings of research.

  • Is Cross-Disciplinary Working the Way Forward to Improve Evaluation?

    23 Dec 2015


    Working within a single discipline might help identify how to make an existing system work better, but a cross-disciplinary conversation might help determine how to make better systems.

  • A New Approach to Managing Aid Agencies

    18 Dec 2015


    The current approach to managing aid agencies is confused due to two opposing forces: a results-based approach to management and an emphasis on the need to achieve systemic changes and transform underlying constraints.

  • What Are the Facts About EU Migration to the UK?

    18 Dec 2015


    Discussions about European migration taking place during the EU Summit this week could benefit from the facts: that the actual number of EU migrants in the UK is considerably smaller than popular perception, and those that are in the UK have higher employment levels than UK nationals.