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  • Sixty Years Later European Integration Has Benefited EU Countries

    28 Mar 2017


    Sixty years after the Treaty of Rome, the EU is facing one of its most challenging periods. Closer ties and shared values across EU member states have provided social and economic benefits but any moves towards closer integration in Europe will fail to materialize in the absence of political will.

  • Cambridgeshire Is at the Heart of England's Teacher Shortage Problem

    21 Mar 2017

    Broeks, et al.

    Teacher shortages could be a real threat in Cambridgeshire, unless larger numbers of secondary school teachers are attracted and retained. There are simply too few new teachers replacing those who retire, with this gap being even more pronounced in STEM subjects.

  • How Will Defence and Security Be Affected by Brexit?

    16 Mar 2017

    Hall, et al.

    As the UK and EU move to define new defence and security roles, these can only be sustainable if built on inclusive national conversations. Security initiatives or defence integration must take into account voters' everyday values, fears, and aspirations.

  • Body Cameras: Can Police Have Too Much Discretion?

    06 Mar 2017


    Research on body-worn cameras has shown mixed results. Complaints against police officers dropped when cameras were used, but rates of assault against them during arrests were higher. How much discretion the officers used in turning cameras on and off was also a factor.

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