RAND Europe News and Events

  • The Cost of Resistance and the Attack of the Microbes

    07 Aug 2015

    Hafner, et al.

    If left unaddressed, the threat posed by antimicrobial resistance and the rise of “superbugs” could devastate the world economy and pose a deadly threat to humanity.

  • Help Syria Avoid a 'Lost Generation'

    17 Jul 2015

    Culbertson , et al.

    Young Syrian refugees are brimming with potential, but lack the educational and livelihood pathways through which to channel their energy and aspirations. As the international community looks for ways to end the violence in the region, it must not overlook the plight or the potential of these children.

  • What's Next for REF?

    08 Jul 2015


    In 2014, the research of 154 UK universities was evaluated, accounting for the efforts of 52,061 academic staff members. For the first time, the impact that the research had on wider society was part of the assessment. As we approach the next assessment period, there is opportunity for discussion to tweak and refine future measures of impact.

  • What Does the Future Hold for Atrial Fibrillation?

    02 Jun 2015


    Longer-term thinking, enhanced public awareness, and more thorough engagement among stakeholders are critical components of a strategy to deal with atrial fibrillation.

  • RAND Europe Co-hosts High-level Debate on Reindustrialisation of Europe

    23 Jun 2015

    With the Europe2020 strategy mid-term review public consultation results now in the public domain, the Forum Europe - RAND Europe joint conference initiative on 23 June assessed Europe's industrial policy and potential.

  • Can Real World Data Improve Health Outcomes?

    16 Jun 2015

    At a Cambridge University conference on Policy Making in the Big Data Era, Joanna Chataway presented findings from a RAND Europe study assessing the real-world data policy landscape for health and healthcare in Europe.

  • Joanna Chataway and John Camm Discuss the Pan-European Future of Anticoagulation Initiative

    02 Jun 2015

    RAND Europe’s Joanna Chataway and University of London Professor John Camm discuss the pan-European Future of Anticoagulation Initiative, its goals with regard to treating atrial fibrillation, RAND Europe's research process, and the team’s findings and recommendations.

  • Cornish Discusses Building Trust in Cyberspace

    29 May 2015

    RAND Europe research group director Paul Cornish attended the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland, 25-29 May 2015. In this video he summarizes his role in the Dialogue on Building Trust in Cyberspace, at the interpersonal as well as commercial level. He says his talk emphasized the role of the sovereign state in building trust and establishing bilateral and multilateral relationships.