RAND Europe Research Briefs


  • Driving in the Future in Developing Countries

    Automobility — travel in personal vehicles — varies between countries. This brief summarizes a study of the factors besides economic development that affect automobility and how automobility might evolve in developing countries.







  • Remuneration and its motivation of UK military personnel

    RAND was commissioned to study the attitudes of military personnel towards their remuneration package in order to highlight and determine the extent to which it motivates them to join and stay in the Armed Forces.

  • Mapping the impact: Exploring the impact of arthritis research

    Describes a survey tool developed for the Arthritis Research Campaign (arc) that enables arc to map its entire research portfolio, analyse the returns from individual grants and compare different types of grants.

  • Sustaining Key Skills in the UK Naval Industry

    To preserve its ability to design, build, and support complex warships and submarines, the UK's Ministry of Defence (MOD) will need to preserve and sustain several key technical skills in the maritime domain. In particular, it will need detailed designers and professional engineers for various stages of surface ship and submarine acquisition and support. Although the MOD has taken into account the requirement for these skills, its future maritime programme is likely to have to undergo modification or be augmented in order to sustain these technical skills in the long term.