Communities, Safety and Justice Policy Research

RAND Europe's programme of research on Communities, Safety and Justice Policy helps decisionmakers at national and pan-European levels assess threats and identify and develop policies to improve safety, security and other outcomes, reducing harms to communities caused by crime, violence, intolerance, substance misuse and illicit markets.

Our research focuses on three primary areas:

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Our Approach to Research

To address these pressing challenges for policy and practice we draw on a range of approaches, including:

  • Identifying, implementing and evaluating interventions to improve integration and outcomes for vulnerable groups;
  • Identifying economic impacts of policies, programmes, interventions and funding mechanisms for illicit markets, reducing crime and reoffending, and applying cost of crime approaches in new areas;
  • Developing and applying methods for measuring crime and illicit markets nationally and internationally;
  • Mapping levels of intolerance and attitudes to minority groups, and incidence of crime across jurisdictions;
  • Cost analysis and modelling, such as police workforce resilience planning;
  • Systematically reviewing evidence and assessing the robustness of evidence for a range of interventions, such as through rapid evidence assessments

We work closely with and for public and private sector bodies, foundations, non-governmental organisations and specialist agencies in Member States and at the EU level.