Evaluation and Performance Audit

RAND Europe’s mission — to help improve policy and decisionmaking through objective research and analysis — places evaluation at the heart of everything we do. We believe that relevant, objective and timely information, providing the evidence on what is and is not working, delivers accountability and supports improvement.

Evaluation and performance audit support informed judgements about the value of both existing activity and future options. However, poorly performed evaluation can be ritualistic, misdirected and overly burdensome. At RAND Europe, we understand where to focus data collection and analysis, and how to report useful findings and recommendations that make a positive difference and benefit the public. RAND Europe is well positioned to explore new ways to support both accountability and better impacts across Europe and in EU institutions. Our extensive experience across different methods and policy fields is illustrated below, and overleaf we describe some of our current projects.

Our work draws on the following tools and products:

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