Expertise: Evaluation and Performance Management Research

Programme and Project Evaluations

Researchers working in Evaluation and Performance Management (EPM) at RAND Europe regularly undertake both long and short term programme and project evaluation studies. In programme studies, these can involve undertaking evaluation work over a number of years and usually involving reviewing multiple projects. In project evaluation studies, the focus is usually on measuring the impact or performance of an individual initiative. Linking the aims and objectives of the overall programme or project to the outputs, impacts and outcomes achieved is fundamental to these assessments. Building upon this understanding, we apply appropriate metrics to gain insights into progress made. We have become leaders in conducting complex evaluations and understanding how to maximise the benefits of such evaluations for improved accountability and learning.

Conducting Value for Money (VFM) Studies

RAND Europe works closely with the UK's National Audit Office (NAO), which works on behalf of Parliament and the taxpayer to hold government to account for the use of public money. VFM audits focus on how well government departments deliver the policies and programmes agreed by Parliament. We have been assisting NAO conduct VFM studies since 2003, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of our analytical framework and range of methods. Examples of the diversity of our work in this area include:

  • International benchmark of fraud and error in social security systems
  • Violent crime
  • Modelling end-of-life care provision
  • Personnel recruitment, retention and motivation levers
  • Routine procurement in MoD

Impact Assessment

Impact assessments examine the effects of different policy options presented to governments and lead to better informed decisions. As a Strategic Partner of the European Commission's Directorate for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO), RAND Europe's EPM researchers have undertaken a range of impact assessments and have contributed to wider strategic thinking at DG SANCO. Examples of our work in the area of impact assessment include:

  • Horizontal food labelling legislation
  • Improving organ donation
  • EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
  • Counter-insurgency

Strategic Reviews

Decisionmakers often face strategic choices, the outcomes of which remain uncertain for the coming decades. The success of these decisions depends on a variety of factors, many of them beyond the control of the decisionmakers. RAND has been instrumental in developing and applying futures methodologies as tools to support decisionmaking under such conditions of high uncertainty.