Current Projects: Population and Migration

  • European Platform for Investing in Children Helps Identify 'Practices that Work' Across Member States

    RAND Europe has been commissioned to create and maintain the online European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC). Reflecting the European Commission’s policy focus on children at risk, the EPIC will collect, evaluate, and disseminate practices that improve outcomes for children. RAND will apply a rigorous evaluation framework for the identification of effective, lasting, and transferable child policy practices in Europe.

  • Evaluating Atlantic Philanthropies' Migration Programme for Ireland

    European politics increasingly affect national asylum, immigration and integration law and practice in Ireland. Atlantic Philanthropies, which supports organisations in Ireland and in Europe that work on protection, immigration and integration issues, has asked RAND Europe to evaluate their migration programme to describe the programme’s achievements and inform ongoing and future work in this area.

  • Examining Issues of Gender Equality in the EU

    Although equality between women and men is one founding values of the European Union, there are still considerable differences between men and women, both in the work force and at home. The EC Directorate-General for Justice, has commissioned RAND Europe and the University of Groningen to analyse data from household surveys and explore topics including child care, single parents in the work force, household composition, and employment patterns for men and women.

  • Evaluating the Impact of the European Programme for Integration and Migration

    The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) is a €3 million collaborative initiative of 12 major foundations to improve integration of and outcomes for migrants in Europe through advocacy, capacity-building and policy change. EPIM has asked RAND Europe to evaluate the achievements and impacts of their work in 2012-2015, to ensure accountability and enable learning that can be acted on during the course of the programme.

  • Assessing the Evidence Base Underpinning Future Societal Trends

    To prepare decision makers for the political and economic environment facing the EU over the next 20 years, the European Commission, Parliament and Council established the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System. The Bureau of European Policy Advisers has asked RAND Europe to assess the evidence base underpinning future societal trends, ranging from the growth of a global middle class to the role of new media in democratization, and their likely impacts on the European policy landscape until 2030.

  • Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Migration

    This study aims to develop a better understanding of the potential impact of climate change on migration and displacement. It addresses the extent to which climate-induced migration shares the characteristics of other forms of migration and examines how communities have responded to environmental pressures caused by extreme drought.