Current Research Projects

  • Reviewing Quality of NAO Value for Money Reports

    28 Nov 2013

    The UK National Audit Office (NAO) has commissioned RAND Europe to do quality reviews of NAO value for money (VFM) reports and thematic reviews under a framework contract. NAO VFM reports are reviewed against a set of criteria for external quality assurance (QA) purposes, while thematic reviews cover a wider topic area. Building upon its strong QA processes, RAND Europe set up a process to provide objective and independent analysis of VFM reports and reviews.

  • Scoping the Impact of EU Membership on UK Health Research

    12 Nov 2013

    To help frame the debate on future EU membership in the context of UK health research, RAND Europe is assessing the benefits and burdens of membership. This research, for the Department of Health, will not only focus on funding, but also look at other aspects such as research environment, network effects, and knowledge spillovers. The project will include a series of scenario-based workshops to explore future impact of EU funding.

  • Evaluating the Submission Process for the Research Excellence Framework's Impact Element

    11 Nov 2013

    To formulate evidence-based conclusions and recommendations for improving the processes of preparing submissions for impact assessment, the higher education funding councils for England, Scotland and Wales have asked RAND Europe to work with a sample of higher education institutions to evaluate the submission process for the impact element of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014.

  • Evaluating Atlantic Philanthropies' Migration Programme for Ireland

    29 Oct 2013

    European politics increasingly affect national asylum, immigration and integration law and practice in Ireland. Atlantic Philanthropies, which supports organisations in Ireland and in Europe that work on protection, immigration and integration issues, has asked RAND Europe to evaluate their migration programme to describe the programme’s achievements and inform ongoing and future work in this area.

  • Making and Breaking Barriers: Assessing the Value of Mounted Police Units in the UK

    29 Oct 2013

    Mounted police have been part of British policing for the better part of two centuries but little is known about their work from an academic or practitioner standpoint. RAND Europe is helping to investigate both quantitative and qualitative indicators relating to the value of mounted police in various deployment scenarios, and in particular will seek to understand how members of the public perceive and respond to mounted police deployments.

  • Evaluating the EC Communication on Combating HIV/AIDS

    16 Oct 2013

    The European Commission Communication on Combating HIV/AIDS brought together interested parties from across the European region to draw up a set of targets and measures to be implemented. RAND Europe and Van Dijk Management Consultants are evaluating the second Communication and accompanying action plan to assess its implementation and help the Commission formulate a new policy framework.

  • Evaluating the European Food Safety Authority's Publication Strategy

    16 Oct 2013

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provides independent scientific advice and communication on risks associated with food and feed safety, including animal health and welfare, plant protection and plant health and nutrition. RAND Europe is evaluating EFSA's publications strategy to map stakeholders' needs for EFSA publications, assess how they are currently used and measure the level of stakeholder satisfaction with these publications.

  • Aligning Private Sector Incentives with Public Sector Objectives

    10 Oct 2013

    As the UK government experiences ever-increasing pressure on the funding of public services, it is exploring alternative delivery models, in which the private sectors plays an increasing role in the design and delivery. RAND Europe's Council of Advisors has commissioned a study exploring how private sector incentives can be aligned with public sector objectives/requirements in public service delivery. The researchers aim to develop a framework to support effective decision making by government and private sector clients.

  • Comparing Higher Education Entrance Qualifications and Exams in Europe

    29 Aug 2013

    Several European countries, motivated by a strong egalitarian principle, offer non-selective and open access to higher education. Unfortunately, failure rates are sky high — in France, close to 50% of first year students drop out. To tackle the challenge of admissions in higher education in Europe and identify best practices, the European Parliament has commissioned a study to compare admission requirements across Europe, the US, Japan and Australia.

  • Understanding How Labels Inform Consumers about Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

    25 Jul 2013

    To better understand the extent to which alcoholic beverage labelling is implemented in practice, and to assess the effectiveness of health-related information conveyed and presented on products, RAND Europe is working with partners at GfK to conduct fieldwork across EU Member States to examine beverage packaging and inform how labelling could be improved.

  • Improving Infant and Maternal Health in Rural Nigeria

    13 Jun 2013

    The Better Obstetrics in Rural Nigeria (BORN) Study examines the effectiveness of the Nigerian Midwives Service Scheme (MSS) with respect to reducing maternal and infant mortality in rural, underserved areas of the country. BORN's RAND-led research team pairs experts from the RAND Health, RAND Labor and Population, and RAND Europe with those leading the field in Nigeria to evaluate the program.

  • Investigating Children's Exposure to Food and Drink Marketing Online

    07 Jun 2013

    Food and drink marketing is known to influence children’s preferences and to impact on subsequent behaviour, such as use of alcohol. With the rise in the use of online media there is a need to better understand the level to which children are exposed to marketing online. RAND Europe is working with year 9 pupils in Cambridge to document exposure to food and drink marketing online. This project is a first step towards informing the possible development of future regulatory approaches.

  • When Should NHS 'Move Care into the Community'?

    12 Apr 2013

    ‘Moving care into the community’ is a prominent feature of NHS policy. But when does it make sense, and when are services better provided in hospitals? RAND Europe is examining this question as it relates to outpatient clinics by carrying out a set of case studies looking at different types of intervention designed to improve effectiveness or efficiency of outpatient referrals. The project team will also examine innovative approaches to delivering services at the primary-secondary interface in a set of high income countries.

  • Examining Issues of Gender Equality in the EU

    12 Apr 2013

    Although equality between women and men is one founding values of the European Union, there are still considerable differences between men and women, both in the work force and at home. The EC Directorate-General for Justice, has commissioned RAND Europe and the University of Groningen to analyse data from household surveys and explore topics including child care, single parents in the work force, household composition, and employment patterns for men and women.

  • Examining the Nutritional, Environmental Trade-Offs Among Diets

    02 Apr 2013

    RAND Europe, as part of a consortium with the University of Reading and ADAS, was commissioned by Dairyco and the Dairy Council to examine the trade-offs between the nutritional and environmental impacts of dairy diets. The aim is to compare the impacts of the dairy diet with various ideal type diets such as plant-based and Eatwell Plate diets.

  • Defining and Measuring Intermediate Outcomes to Reduce Reoffending

    06 Mar 2013

    Reoffending is a costly and widespread challenge for public services, communities and individuals. To help organisations that deliver mentoring and arts interventions to adult offenders, RAND Europe — in collaboration with ARCS (UK), University of Glamorgan, and Nacro — is undertaking research to develop and test intermediate outcome measures which are directly or indirectly associated with reductions in reoffending.

  • Examining Initiatives to Reduce of Length of Stay in Hospital

    05 Mar 2013

    Measures to reduce the length of stay are among the main approaches to enhance a hospital's operational efficiency. RAND Europe is conducting a rapid review of the evidence of the effectiveness and efficiency of initiatives for reducing length of stay in hospital. The project will also examine the impact of these initiatives on the quality of care and patient experiences.

  • Examining the Evidence Base Underpinning Future EU Societal Trends

    28 Feb 2013

    The EU established the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) to prepare decision makers for the long-term, international and domestic, political and economic environment. As part of this exercise, the Bureau of European Policy Advisers asked RAND Europe to assess the evidence base underpinning future societal trends ranging from the growth of a global middle class to the role of new media in democratization, and their likely impacts on the European policy landscape until 2030.

  • Evaluating the Impact of the European Programme for Integration and Migration

    28 Feb 2013

    The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) is a €3 million collaborative initiative of 12 major foundations to improve integration of and outcomes for migrants in Europe through advocacy, capacity-building and policy change. EPIM has asked RAND Europe to evaluate the achievements and impacts of their work in 2012-2015, to ensure accountability and enable learning that can be acted on during the course of the programme.

  • Using Experiences from Other Industries and Countries to Inform NHS Procurement and Supply Chain Management

    27 Feb 2013

    The Department of Health in England has set a target to achieve procurement savings of £1.2 billion among its efficiency savings for 2014/15. Funded by the NIHR Health Services & Delivery Research Programme, RAND Europe is identifying models of best practice for procurement and supply chain management relevant to the NHS. The project will build on a review of the literature from industry and academia, key informant interviews with NHS stakeholders, and draw from experiences in other countries.

  • Assessing the Evidence Base Underpinning Future Societal Trends

    27 Feb 2013

    To prepare decision makers for the political and economic environment facing the EU over the next 20 years, the European Commission, Parliament and Council established the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System. The Bureau of European Policy Advisers has asked RAND Europe to assess the evidence base underpinning future societal trends, ranging from the growth of a global middle class to the role of new media in democratization, and their likely impacts on the European policy landscape until 2030.

  • "Living with Breathlessness" Seeks Better End-of-Life Care for COPD Patients

    05 Feb 2013

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) accounts for one death every 20 minutes in England and Wales. RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge are conducting a study on "Living with Breathlessness" to improve the end-of-life care strategy for patients with advanced COPD: one which is based on a recognition of the slow relentless progression of non-malignant disease, its effect on patients and care-givers, and their stated care preferences.

  • Evaluating Police Capacity-Building in Iraq and Afghanistan

    28 Jan 2013

    America's allies have invested significantly in training the Iraqi and Afghan national police to secure their own communities. RAND Europe has partnered with its U.S. colleagues to evaluate on behalf of the Department of Defense the U.S. police capacity-building that has taken place in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. The project has led to ongoing advice to the U.S. government, and will conclude with an overview of key lessons in security sector capacity-building in conflict-affected countries.

  • Understanding Physicians' Decision-Making Process Concerning Hepatitis-C Treatment

    23 Jan 2013

    When treating patients for Hepatitis-C, physicians may be influenced by many factors: their prior experience, the health and social care systems more broadly, or clinical, social and behavioural, or demographic factors. To better understand this decision-making process, GlaxoSmithKline commissioned RAND Europe to investigate the comparative influence and importance of specific factors and combinations of factors and their trade-offs.

  • Responding to Terrorism in Urban Settings

    01 Jan 2013

    Addressing terrorist threats to urban spaces is a particularly challenging task in the current security climate. As one of the 11 research institutes across Europe and Israel participating in Project TACTICS (Tactical Approach to Counter Terrorists in Cities) until August 2014, RAND Europe is contributing to building a decision making framework that (i) supports security forces in responding more efficiently and effectively to prevent terrorist attacks or (ii) limits their consequences with an emphasis on urban environments.