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RAND research on the physical and mental health of adolescents examines such topics as teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), substance use, obesity and physical activity, depression and suicide, and the influence of the media on sexual behavior.

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    Childhood Obesity is a Stubborn Predictor of Adolescent Obesity

    Nov 19, 2014

    Most children who are obese by the fifth grade will stay obese through high school. A study of over 3,500 students found that body image, the amount of TV watched, and a parent’s weight and education level all significantly related to whether elementary school children remain or become obese as they grow up.

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    We Need to Talk About the Taboo — 'Mental Health Matters'

    Aug 11, 2014

    The stigma surrounding mental health often leads young people to shy away from seeking the help and support they need. This year's celebration of the UN's International Youth Day (12th August) focuses on mental health and aims to raise awareness and remove the stigma.

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