Business Process Improvement

  • Event

    Distinguished Speaker Series: Simon Sinek

    Author Simon Sinek will discuss his new book, Leaders Eat Last, and how to create stable, adaptive, confident teams, where everyone feels they belong and all energies are focused on facing the common enemy and seizing big opportunities.

    Jul 23, 2014

  • Solution

    Impact Dashboard Helps Local Regulatory Services Deliver Value

    In much of Europe, local authorities receive taxpayer funds to enforce national and European regulations and ensure that food and workplaces are safe, companies trade fairly, and the environment is clean. RAND Europe developed an impact dashboard to help these local regulators show when and how they deliver value for money.

    Jan 10, 2014

  • Report

    Improving Air Force Enterprise Resource Planning-Enabled Business Transformation

    RAND Project AIR FORCE identified key conditions to aid the success of business transformation enabled by enterprise resource planning systems, challenges the Air Force must address to achieve them, and options for overcoming these challenges.

    Oct 25, 2013

  • Solution

    Analyzing Alternatives for the Offshore Patrol Cutter

    The oldest of the Coast Guard’s Medium Endurance Cutters (WMECs) first entered service in the 1960s, and the class is becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and operate. What will be required of the ships that replace it?

    Oct 1, 2013

  • Blog

    Surprise! Now What?

    Who is best prepared for responding to surprise: a Navy SEAL, an NFL coach, or a Fortune 500 CEO? The answer is that all three professions have something to teach us: The NFL coach is an expert in pre-planning; the SEAL is great under pressure; and a good CEO has become an expert in responding to strategic threats.

    Aug 27, 2013

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    Surprise: Q and A with Dave Baiocchi and D. Steven Fox

    Dealing with surprises is an important part of many professions. The NFL coach prepares by developing a comprehensive response plan for anything that could happen during the game while the Navy SEALs rely on a looser framework that helps them stay alive and achieve their mission objective.

    Aug 14, 2013

  • Research Brief

    The Elements of Surprise: How Professionals Prepare for and Respond to Unexpected Events

    This research brief summarizes the findings of a project that sought to identify common strategies used by practitioners in various professions, from professional sports to Navy SEALs, to respond to unexpected events.

    Aug 14, 2013

  • Report

    Surprise! How Professionals Prepare for and Respond to the Unexpected

    Professionals today are expected to respond to more variables at a faster rate than was the case even a decade ago. What do ambassadors, chief executive officers, military personnel, and physicians believe creates surprise, how do they respond to it, and how can the effects of surprise be mitigated?

    Aug 14, 2013

  • Blog

    Metrics Mess Calls for an Umpire, Not a Purge

    Bibliometricians, who have so far paid little attention to how their creations behave when released into the wild, should be monitoring how metrics are being applied and devising guidelines for best practice, writes Gemma Derrick.

    Jun 27, 2013

  • Report

    Strategically Aligned Family Research: Supporting Soldier and Family Quality of Life Research for Policy Decisionmaking

    The U.S. Army wants to develop a research agenda that defines the Quality of Life (QOL) needs of soldiers and families, helps gauge the success of programs, improves coordination of research efforts, and determines how best to allocate resources. Analysis suggests that both domain-specific research and a broader, more holistic understanding of QOL — to put domain-specific research in context — are critical.

    May 31, 2013

  • Periodical

    Distinctive Teacher Evaluation Programs Could Provide Lessons for Others

    Judging teachers' performance by that of their students is fraught with the potential for error and unintended consequences, but several states and districts have been striving to incorporate student performance data in ways that are accurate and fair.

    Feb 5, 2013

  • Journal Article

    International Comparative Performance of Mental Health Research

    Using data mining techniques, this paper provides a bibliometric assessment of mental health research (MHR) outputs from 1980 to 2011.

    Jan 1, 2013

  • Journal Article

    Improving Accountability Through Expanded Measures of Performance

    Examines the influence of test-based accountability and explores how states and districts might consider creating expanded systems of measures to address the shortcomings of traditional accountability.

    Jan 1, 2013

  • Content

    What Types of Interventions Change Energy Using Behaviours?

    The UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) commissioned RAND Europe to conduct a rapid evidence assessment on the question of "Which types of interventions work the best in changing energy using behaviours in the home?" The review will focus on interventions like social marketing, customer or community engagement, education, and regulation, whose primary aim is to affect habitual behaviours.

    Dec 12, 2012

  • Report

    An Assessment of the Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project

    This is a legislatively mandated assessment of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo).

    Oct 11, 2012

  • Content

    Studying Factors that Encourage Doctors to Engage in Good Practice

    To better understand the factors that affect doctors' behaviour and decision making, the UK General Medical Council (GMC) commissioned RAND Europe to study the factors that encourage or discourage doctors from acting in accordance with good practice. This research will enable the GMC, which regulates and licenses medical professionals in the UK, to inform the development of policy and a programme of work aimed at supporting doctors to adhere to good practice in the care and management of patients.

    Jul 3, 2012

  • Report

    Best Practices in Police Performance Measurement Cover Wide Range of Duties

    Police agencies have historically measured their performance against a restricted set of crime-focused indicators, but law enforcement duties are changing. Well-developed performance measurement approaches can capture the complexity of modern policing and identify best practices.

    May 7, 2012

  • Journal Article

    Judicial Pay Influences the Quality of Appellate Judges

    An examination of state appellate court judge pay across the United States from 1977 to 2007 shows that judicial salaries have a small but significant effect on the length of judicial tenure, and a small effect on the background of judges that join the appellate bench. A more limited analysis of California trial court judges finds far more sensitivity to pay, however, suggesting that trial and appellate court judges may behave differently.

    May 1, 2012

  • Journal Article

    Engaging Clinicians in Improving Healthcare Quality

    Governments in the UK have attempted to establish quality improvements, but new procedures have often fostered ill feeling and may have encouraged the opposite behaviour. RAND Europe evaluated the outcomes of a major study on how to engage clinicians in different disciplines in improving the quality of the healthcare they provide; the result is the UK's most extensive systematic body of evidence on engaging clinicians in quality improvement.

    Apr 1, 2012

  • Report

    How ImpactFinder Can Aid Universities with the Research Excellence Framework

    Impact now plays a role in the allocation of research funding to UK universities through the Research Excellence Framework (REF), presenting universities with a new challenge: how best to capture research results and construct submissions to the REF. ImpactFinder is an analysis and advice package to help senior research leaders determine how best to identify research with the greatest impact and present it to the REF panels.

    Jan 19, 2012