Children and Families


RAND research on children covers the prenatal period up to age 18 and includes areas such as child health and the role of the family unit, neighborhoods, and community influence on child well-being. RAND's family-focused research covers additional topics such as marriage and divorce, senior care, and family finances.

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    Research Brief

    Helping Kids and Families Cope with Violence

    Mar 30, 2017

    Safe Start interventions help children deal with the harmful effects of exposure to violence. Analysis showed families who took part in interventions generally improved over time, but more information is needed on what does and does not work for children and families.

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    Why Early School Start Times Are a Threat to Public Health

    Apr 20, 2017

    Sleep-deprived teens are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle crashes and to abuse drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes — all of which are public health concerns. But delaying school start times remains challenging for many districts.

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