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The years before a child begins school are critical in setting the stage for future learning: Adequate preparation for kindergarten is instrumental in determining later success in school. RAND research has informed the debate on balancing the costs and benefits of preschool and early childhood education in the United States and Europe.

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    Evaluating Delaware Stars for Early Success: Year Two Report

    Jun 2, 2015

    In the second year of RAND's evaluation of Delaware's quality rating and improvement system (QRIS), key findings offer insight into provider participation, the use of financial incentives, and the amount of technical assistance received by providers—all pointing to the importance of administrative data in a QRIS.

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    Preschool to Third Grade (P-3) Education Reform in Hawai'i

    Oct 7, 2015

    The P-3 education reform movement aims to improve students' kindergarten readiness and sustain high-quality early education experiences through elementary school. Hawai'i's P-3 initiative aimed to have every child reading at grade level by third grade. How well did it work?

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